C3BI Seminars – !hacking@pasteur – What Health : Bring to the global health the key of its own digital revolution.

@EnguerrandH will present @whathealthfr association @aiderpasteur Thursday 27th of August 2PM in Lwoff building

Upcoming Events : C3BI Seminars – !hacking@pasteur – 08/27/2015 at 02:00 pm in Retrovirus room – Lwoff building

Date : 08/27/2015 at 02:00 pm Location : Retrovirus room – LWOFF (22) Speakers : Enguerrand Habran, Co-founder & President of What Health Association For any questions, suggestions (or to volunteer) for future talks/trainings or general feedback please contact us at c3bi-ask@pasteur.fr

What Health : Bring to the global health the key of its own digital revolution.

What Health is an independent association whose mission is to make emerge and support innovation in healthcare, in particular thanks to the potential of the new technologies. Our process is conceived to take innovation at source and bring the right environment for its growing, to allow its establishment in healthcare system. What Health fosters exchanges and the collaborative working between several universe to help them become players in innovation in healthcare system. What Health approach is diverse: • « Bottom-up », the innovation is coming from the ground and borne either by healthcare practitioners or by patients. • Collaborative, each player of our community that is willing to contribute to improving healthcare system can provide his know-how and expertise. • Global, What Health supports innovation from its emergence to implantation in the healthcare system. • Supported, What Health is partner of major players in the healthcare system. • Ethical, What Health supports all projects that can improve health. The What Health process consists of several actions: • The “Cafés”, a meeting and debate place • The Innovation challenge, collaborative events that allow to prototype a solution and validate the proof of its concept; • The Hub, support structure dedicated to the development and establishment of projects. As a facilitator, What Health makes no claim to intellectual property emerging from events and other activities. That applies also for any actor and partner of What Health. Therefore, the ownership of a project belongs to the team that supports it. Website : http://what-health.org