C3BI Seminars – Large audience – Species interactions from a mathematical modelling and algorithmic perspective

Marie-France Sagot will present “Species interactions from a mathematical modelling and algorithmic perspective”#C3BISeminars #LargeAudience

Upcoming Events : C3BI Seminars – Large audience – 01/10/2015 at 02:00 pm in Auditorium Francois Jacob – BIME (26)

Date : 01/10/2015 at 02:00 pm Location : Auditorium François Jacob – BIME (26) Speakers/Trainers : Marie-France Sagot, Directeur de recherche, Head from Inria European Team Erable and of the LBBE-UMR5558 Team Baobab, Lyon For any questions, suggestions (or to volunteer) for future talks/trainings or general feedback please contact us at c3bi-ask@pasteur.fr

Species interactions from a mathematical modelling and algorithmic perspective

At its extreme, one could see life as one collection, or a collection of collections of genetically identical or distinct self-replicating cells who interact, sometimes closely and for long periods of evolutionary time, with same or distinct functional objectives. The interaction may be beneficial or neutral to all, or it may be or become at some time beneficial only to some and detrimental to other cells or collections of cells. The interaction may also involve systems that have been described as being at the edge of life such as viruses, or else genetic or inorganic material such as, respectively, transposable elements and chemical compounds. In this talk, I will briefly present some of the models and algorithms we have recently been developing with the goal of better understanding some such close and often persistent interactions. I will also mention a much longer term objective of this work that would be to become able in some cases to suggest the means of controlling for equilibrium in an interacting community. The complexity of all this means that the use of mathematical models and algorithmic investigations may be crucial for obtaining any initial hints and insights on the potential of such an approach. Two points are critical here. One is the capacity to computationally handle the problems in an efficient way. A second is to be “accurate” in the answers provided. Both concerns are recurrent and, I believe, essential. Website : https://team.inria.fr/erable/en/