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Emna has joined the C3BI in 2016 and worked actively in the IGDA platform doing research and education. Now, she is also part of the Viral Populations and Pathogenesis Unit (PVP).

Genome assemblySequence analysisProgram developmentData integrationRead mappingLIMSParallel computingGene predictionShotgun metagenomics

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Quentin GIAI

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    Kenzo-Hugo HILLION

    Group : WINTER - Hub Core

    After a Master degree in Genetics at Magistère Européen de Génétique, Paris Diderot, I did a second Master in bioinformatics at University of Nantes where I focused my work on the study of mapping strategy for allele specific analysis at the bioinformatics platform of Institut Curie. I then joined Institut Pasteur to work on an ELIXIR project related to the registry through the development of a dedicated tool and the participation of several workshops and hackathons. As an engineer of the bioinformatics and Biostatistics Hub, I am involved in several projects from Differential Analysis of RNA-seq data to Metagenomics. I am also in charge of the maintenance of the Galaxy Pasteur instance.

    ChIP-seqEpigenomicsGenomicsSequence analysisProgram developmentDatabases and ontologiesSofware development and engineeringGeneticsData integrationRead mappingWorkflow and pipeline developmentConfocal Microscopy

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    Violaine SAINT-ANDRÉ

    Group : DETACHED - Detached : Labex milieu intérieur

    After graduating from Paris VI University with a PhD in Genetics on the “Role of histone protein post-translational modifications in splicing regulation” that I performed in the Epigenetic Regulation unit at the Institut Pasteur, I carried out two post-doctoral experiences. I first worked for three years as a postdoctoral associate of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research/MIT in Cambridge (USA). My main project consisted in the integration of genomic and epigenomic data in order to predict the transcription factors that are potentially at the core of the regulation of the cell-type specific gene expression programs. I then joined the Institut Curie where I deepened my experience in multi-omics data analyses and integration to identify non-coding RNAs involved in cancer progression. I have recently joined the HUB-C3BI of the Institut Pasteur where I am performing high-throughput data integration to better understand biological complexity and contribute to precision medicine development.

    ATAC-seqChIP-seqEpigenomicsNon coding RNAPathway AnalysisRNA-seqSingle CellSystems BiologyTool DevelopmentTranscriptomicsData integrationGraph theory and analysisCell biology and developmental biology
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    Insight into the Immune System: A bioresource and data-sharing platform to study chronic inflammatory diseases (IsIShare)

    Chronic inflammatory systemic diseases (CIDs) are a burden to humans because of life-long debilitating illness, increased mortality and high therapy costs. CIDs’ increasing prevalence in western countries has indeed placed them at the third rank of morbi-mortality causes. Unfortunately, available treatments are poorly targeted and non-curative. That is partly linked to a complex and largely ununderstood pathophysiology. Genetic susceptibility clearly plays a role. Genes linked to the immune system have been identified, but causal genes remain mostly unknown and other factors such as intestinal microbiota have also been implicated. The complexity of CIDs’ pathophysiology suggests that a holistic approach is the most susceptible to help make significant progress. Our project intends to take advantage of recent technical progress and development of informatics tools to set up a transversal approach. High-resolution sequencing technology indeed quickly produces large amounts of accurate data. Besides, new integrative informatics tools allowing storage and integrative analysis of this resulting high amount of data are now available. We intend to set-up a CID’s network allowing the gathering and extensive analysis of data related to immuno-genetic determinants, immune repertoire and microbiota from individuals suffering from one of the three major interlinked CIDs, namely Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS), Crohn’s disease (CD) and Spondyloarthropathy (SpA) as compared to healthy volunteers.

    Project status : Closed