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Group : DETACHED - Hub Core

Emna has joined the C3BI in 2016 and worked actively in the IGDA platform doing research and education. Now, she is also part of the Viral Populations and Pathogenesis Unit (PVP).

Genome assemblySequence analysisProgram developmentData integrationRead mappingLIMSParallel computingGene predictionShotgun metagenomics

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Group : WINTER - Hub Core

ONGOING PROJECTS Galaxy administration/Maintenance ( Bioweb: Future directory of bioinformatics resources at the Institut Pasteur ELIXIR Registry SKILLS Galaxy: administration, API/Bioblend expertise Programming: Python, Javascript, Lua, R, Development tools: GIT, Subversion, Emacs Database: NoSQL (couchdb), MySQL, PostgreSQL Bioinformatics: Preprocessing NGS data, MED-SuMo, Protein surface comparison, Protein functional annotation. OTHER ACTIVITIES C3BI seminars and meetings management Involved in Galaxy France Working Group (IFB) FORMER PROJECTS MetaGenSense( Disco-Bac (

Data managementSequence analysisStructural bioinformaticsDatabaseProgram developmentScientific computingLIMS

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Christophe MALABAT

Group : HEAD - Hub Core

After a PhD in biochemistry of the rapeseed proteins, during which I developed my first automated scripts for handling data processing and analysis, I join Danone research facility center for developing multivariate models for the prediction of milk protein composition using infrared spectrometry.
As I was already developing my own informatics tools, I decided to join the course of informatic for biology of the Institut Pasteur in 2007. At the end of the course I was recruited by the Institute and integrate the unit of “génétique des interactions macromoléculaires” of Alain Jacquier. Within this group, I learn to handle sequencing data and I developed processing and analysis tools using python and R. I also create a genome browser and database system for storing, retrieving and visualizing microarray data. After 8 years within the Alain Jacquier’s lab, I join the Hub of bioinformatics and biostatistics as co-head of the team.

ClusteringData managementSequence analysisTranscriptomicsWeb developmentDatabaseGenome analysisProgram developmentScientific computingExploratory data analysisData and text miningIllumina HiSeqRead mappingLIMSIllumina MiSeqHigh Throughput ScreeningMultidimensional data analysisWorkflow and pipeline developmentRibosome profilingMotifs and patterns detection

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