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Group : DETACHED - Hub Core

Emna has joined the C3BI in 2016 and worked actively in the IGDA platform doing research and education. Now, she is also part of the Viral Populations and Pathogenesis Unit (PVP).

Genome assemblySequence analysisProgram developmentData integrationRead mappingLIMSParallel computingGene predictionShotgun metagenomics

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Thomas BIGOT

Group : GIPhy - Embedded : Biology of Infection

I joined the C3BI Hub in 2016 after a curriculum widely dedicated to Bioinformatics studies, and more precisely to Phylogeny and Evolution, topics of my PhD thesis. At Institut Pasteur, I am involved in projects dealing with sequences homology : alignments, hmm profiles, making homologous family databases, kmers signatures. I am also a developer (Python / C++) with a solid interest in optimization as well as in developing usable tools for final user such as automated pipeline for metagenomics sequence analysis. I’m currently embedded in Marc Eloit’s team (80% of my work time). My main task in this team is to develop strategies to identify, in their metagenomics samples, new pathogens, or new combination pathogen / symptoms. The rest of my time, I manage small projects and participate to the Hub life. I am currently experimenting with functional programming (for now, using Python) and its applicability to bioinformatics issues.

AlgorithmicsScientific computingSofware development and engineeringParallel computingGraph theory and analysis
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