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After a Master degree in Genome Analysis and Molecular Modeling at Denis Diderot University, I did a PhD in NMR / bioinformatics at Denis Diderot University, where I worked on the development and use of a software named DaDiModO which uses SAXS data and RDC/NMR data to calculate models of structural proteins. After a postdoc aiming to adapt ARIA software to allow execution on computing grid in the Structural Bioinformatic Team at Institut Pasteur in collaboration with IBCP, I joined CIB/DSI Team where I was responsible for the development of bioinformatics projects and the deployment, maintenance and evolution of the Pasteur Galaxy server. I joined the Hub/C3BI team in 2017 as research engineer where I’m involved in several projects such as structural bioinformatics, softwares and web development. I am also in charge of the maintenance of the Galaxy Pasteur instance.

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