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Group : WINTER - Hub Core

In 2012 I completed my master degree at the MicroScope Platform located at Genoscope (the French National Sequencing Center). I was involved in a project aiming at the management of evolution projects which rely on the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies to try to decipher the dynamics of genomic changes as well as the molecular bases and the mechanisms underlying adaptative evolution of micro-organisms (Remigi et al. 2014). Since November 2014, I joined the Bioinformatics and Biostatistics HUB at Institut Pasteur. I participated to the creation and updates of the C3BI website. I joined the WINTER group where I’m in charge of web and interface development projects. I have completed an UX-Design training to add extra value to my front-end development skills. I design and develop bioinformatics tools and interfaces that are users oriented.

Data VisualizationWeb developmentDatabaseGenome analysisScientific computingDatabases and ontologiesSofware development and engineeringWorkflow and pipeline development

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