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Thomas is a biostatistician who holds an engineering degree in Agronomy (Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes, France). He also holds a Ph.D. in biostatistics from Université Pierre et Marie Curie for his work on the spread of nosocomial pathogens on contact networks. During his Ph.D at INSERM, he investigated how high-resolution dynamical contact data could support infection-tracing conducted using more traditional approaches in healthcare settings, e.g. routine swabbing and genetic characterization of strains detected in patients or healthcare workers. He developed a new statistical framework to test the correlation between dynamic close-proximity interaction networks and biological carriage data. While at INSERM, he also developed the R0 package for R that aimed at implementing several computation methods used in estimating reproduction parameters for emerging transmissible diseases. After working as a statistical modeller for a private company in the pharmaceutical industry, he joined the Hub in 2016 as a statistician and is now involved in the projects of the Malaria: parasites and hosts unit headed by Ivo Mueller.

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