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19259Clinical Metagenomics Analytical FlowP. PérotNewDepartment of Virology
19257Neonatal acquisition of ESBL-PE in the community of a Low-Income Countryb. HUYNHGenome analysisPhylogeneticsMediumPendingOther
19255Genomic study of the Pseudoalteromonas genusO. CHESNEAUGenome analysisShortPending
19239Human nasopharyngeal virome variation in healthy and disease individuals.T. EriNewDepartment of Immunology
19238Virulence and natural anti-sense RNA in Entamoeba histolytica, the agent of human amoebiasisN. GUILLENDifferential analysisTranscriptomicsIn Progress
19226Kinase involvement in antifungal resistance in C. glabrataC. ClairetStatisticsShortIn Progress
19224Transcriptional analysis of niche cells in the context of tumour progression in the Drosophila brainP. SpéderNewDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
19216Evolution towards bipartite genome - core genes distribution in monochromosomal and bichromosomal Paracoccus speciesJ. CzarneckiNewDepartment of Genome & Genetics
19215Red Cross health workers and the continuity of care in the COVID-19 pandemic: A mixed methods operational approachL. HeyerdahlStatisticsNew
19214The mode of replication of repABC replicons (Alphaproteobacteria)J. CzarneckiNewDepartment of Genome & Genetics
19207Etude de la réponse immunitaire néonatale dans la coqueluche maligne : approche transcriptomiqueS. MatczakStatisticsShortPending
19152Detection of newly produced NIRVS in mosquito persistently infected cellsA. FAILLOUXGenomicsPendingDepartment of Virology
19137User experience design for OncodashD. JohannUser centered designWeb developmentMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Genome & Genetics
19128Evaluation of a novel mouse model for Primary Antibody Deficiency (PAD)L. HunaultTargeted metagenomicsCoachingIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
19121Understanding the mode of action of epigenetic inhibitors active against Plasmodium falciparumI. DobrescuVariant analysisMediumPendingDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
19120Deciphering mutation signatures on hepatitis B virus genomeP. PineauNewDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
19119Comparative genomics analysis of cyclic-di-GMP metabolism across the Leptospira genusR. ThibeauxComparative GenomicsOrthology and paralogy analysisPhylogeneticsSequence homology analysisShortIn Progress
19102Exploring pathogenic mechanisms of chronic inflammatory disease: unresolved issues in IL-23/IL-17 biologyY. HananeTranscriptomicsShortIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
19089Research of homopolymers in the integron integrase genesC. LootGenomicsShortIn ProgressDepartment of Genome & Genetics
19086FLAVIMMUNITYG. Barba SpaethDifferential analysisShortPendingDepartment of Virology
19084Modelization of the timing of abscissionA. EchardApplied mathematicsMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
19082fliC locus of Y. pestisM. CARLONISequence analysisTranscriptomicsIn ProgressDepartment of Microbiology
18716Better characterization of long chimeric virus-human reads after target enrichment on integrated viral genomes.B. NicolasGenome analysisSequence analysisPendingOther
18714Genetic diversity of arbovirus populations in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes from ColombiaA. FAILLOUXData VisualizationVariant analysisMediumPendingDepartment of Virology
17991Genetic diversity of yellow fever virus populations in mosquitoesA. FAILLOUXData VisualizationVariant analysisMediumPendingDepartment of Virology
17976Fast and accurate identification of the medoid of a set of genomesO. CHESNEAUApplied mathematicsComparative GenomicsStatistical inferenceTool DevelopmentShortAwaiting Publication
17970Identification of non-coding RNAs regulated by oxidants in pathogenic LeptospiraN. BENAROUDJNewDepartment of Microbiology
17965Evaluation in cellulo of the impact of insecticide usage on arbovirus populationV. ThomasRNA-seqShortIn ProgressDepartment of Virology
17962Measles virus type 1 infection disturbs the mitochondrial network leading to type I interferon production through the RNA polymerase III/RIG-I pathwayJ. VARTANIANAnnotationTranscriptomicsMediumPendingDepartment of Virology
17940Analysis of the molecular pathways induced by the activation of the Nod2 receptor by MDP in hypothalamic neuronsI. GabanyiPathway AnalysisRNA-seqStatisticsTranscriptomicsShortPendingDepartment of Neuroscience
17921Viral metagenomic in noctule bats from East EuropeL. DacheuxGenomicsMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
17917Viral metagenomic in Chinese bats and their associated ectoparasites.L. DacheuxWGS metagenomicsShortIn ProgressDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
17905PacBio sequencing analysis of DM1 cellsG. RICHARDGenomicsPendingDepartment of Genome & Genetics
17897Effect of Chlamydia trachomatis infection on histone methylation and consequencesA. SubtilBiostatisticsShortPendingDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
17896Quick phage data miningQ. Lamy-BesnierProgram developmentSequence analysisShortClosed
17884Identification of factors influencing the activity of bacteriophage within the gut of mammalsD. ContiDifferential analysisHost-pathogen interactionsTranscriptomicsMediumIn ProgressOther
17865Monitoring tool for scientist who have received MAASCC career guidanceM. GuessoumUser centered designShortPendingOther
17789Study of the role of cyclic dimeric guanosine mono-phosphate (c-di-GMP) in the regulation of virulence and biofilm formation in Leptospira interrogansG. DavignonFunctional AnalysisFunctional AnnotationIn ProgressOther
17778Codon Usage Bias Analysis in VibrioM. KENNEDY-VALGenome analysisMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Genome & Genetics
17746Support technique - Cours de PhylogenieC. DAUGATool DevelopmentShortClosedDepartment of Virology
17745A genome-wide RNAi screening for mitochondrial fission factorsE. RivièreBiostatisticsClusteringMediumClosed
17744Estimation of the impact of differential apoptotic rate on local clone sizeR. LevayerApplication of mathematics in sciencesMediumIn Progress
17743Comparative analysis of choanoflagellate proteomic dataT. BrunetFunctional AnalysisOrthology and paralogy analysisShortClosedOther
17724Gene conversion and allelic selection drives L. donovani genomic adaptation in experimental Sand fly infectionG. SpaethComparative metagenomicsEvolutionGenome analysisMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
17689Centrosome and basal body function in human parasitesP. BastinPhylogeneticsSequence analysisShortNewDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
17687Early life imprinting of the immune system by the gut microbiotaA. ChoiSingle CellMediumPendingDepartment of Immunology
17660HKA: systemic analysis of two-component signallingA. FIRONDifferential analysisRNA-seqStatistical experiment designTranscriptomicsShortIn ProgressDepartment of Microbiology
17619CORSER-4 Cohort Study: Assessment of the humoral immune response to COVID-19 vaccination in each subpopulation defined by type of vaccination regimen, at 1-3-6-12-24 monthsB. Marie-CharlotteBiostatisticsMediumIn ProgressCenters
17594An online database of RNA-small molecules complexes for rational drug designM. BonomiDatabaseStructural bioinformaticsWeb developmentMediumPendingDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
17584Clinical and biological characterisation of auto-antibodies to the nicotinic receptors in major psychiatric disorder patiente. darrauBiostatisticsClusteringExploratory data analysisMediumIn Progress
17578Regulation of IL23R expressionE. BianchiATAC-seqIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
17567Role of the histone demethylase Kdm6b in ILC2 maturation and functional activationE. BourayouATAC-seqChIP-seqSingle CellPending
17556Characterization of a broad spectrum chemical inhibitor targeting the endocytic pathway to prevent bacterial intoxications.E. PaillaresBiostatisticsDatabases and ontologiesFunctional AnalysisPathway AnalysisShortIn Progress
17537The LeiSHield-MATI consortium: Investigating genomic adaptation of Leishmania parasites in endemic areasG. SpaethComparative GenomicsEvolutionGenome analysisGenome rearrangementsGenomicsMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
17437Mechanisms defining functional heterogeneity of anatomically distinct myogenic populations: insights from single nuclei-ATAC-seq dataG. ComaiSingle CellIn Progress
17370ISV detection in mosquito cell linesA. BlisnickRNA-seqIn ProgressDepartment of Virology
17345Modification and reliance of Chlamydia trachomatis on host cell metabolismA. SubtilBiostatisticsShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
17289Mosquito vector competence for Zika virusA. FAILLOUXData VisualizationPendingDepartment of Virology
17277Analysis of the viral diversity of coronaviruses in field samples.B. NicolasGenomicsIn ProgressOther
17266RNA virus discoveryA. BaidaliukSequence homology analysisCoachingPending
17210QTL mapping using new mouse reference genetic populationsJ. JaubertBiostatisticsChromatin conformation captureGeneticsGenome analysisPending
17102Development of a secure API for ARIAwebB. BardiauxWeb developmentMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
17084Development of a web server to calculate functional binding sites using Deep LearningO. SperandioWeb developmentLongIn ProgressDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
17079Comparing viral replication of intergenotypic hepatitis C virus Core recombinantsE. SimonBiostatisticsShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Virology
17078Etude de l’évolution des Troubles Olfactifs chez les patients ayant une perte de l’odorat persistante des suites de la COVID-19E. PoivetStatisticsMediumPending
17077Microbiology Course : Practical course "Antibiotic resistance"I. GuilvoutTool DevelopmentShortClosedOther
17063Tests serologics anti-CNF1D. GuerinStatisticsClosed
17060Understanding IL-23 role in chronic inflammatory diseases in innate and adaptative immune cellsT. STEPHENRNA-seqMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
17058Development of a contributor management webpage for iPPI-DB.O. SperandioWeb developmentIn ProgressDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
17011A pipeline to detect correlated evolution on phylogenetic treesE. RochaGalaxyMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Genome & Genetics
17009Codon usage dependent translation and antibiotic stress in V. cholerae.Z. BaharogluGenome analysisSequence analysisMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Genome & Genetics
17008Klebsiella MALDI-TyperS. BRIDELWeb developmentIn Progress
17005Human ORFeome LIMS and websiteY. JacobSofware development and engineeringWeb developmentNewDepartment of Virology
16987Rabomism - Understanding rabies virus tropismL. FeigeBiostatisticsShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
16982Statistical comparisons of Oroboros measurementsT. WaiBiostatisticsShortClosed
16959Imprinting by immune cross regulation modulate airway allergic inflammationJ. RYUSingle CellMediumPendingDepartment of Immunology
16953ANR Arbovec- CHIKV/Aedes interactionsB. AdrienRNA-seqMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Virology
16898PacBio sequencing of DM1 cells treated with a TALENG. RICHARDGenomicsDeclinedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
16896Single-cell and spatial transcriptomics of cells of the hematopoietic and stromal lineages in the zebrafish embryoA. SCHMIDTSingle CellTranscriptomicsMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
16876Identification of ASD markers using HD-EEGL. AlineProgram developmentStatisticsCoachingIn ProgressDepartment of Neuroscience
16870Transcriptomics on mosquitoesS. MerklingSingle CellTranscriptomicsMediumPendingDepartment of Genome & Genetics
16850Stem cells and systemic inflammationB. Gayraud-MorelDifferential analysisFunctional AnnotationGenomicsSingle CellTranscriptomicsMediumPendingDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
16847Natural variation of TE content and expression in Aedes aegypti mosquitoesL. LambrechtsAnnotationMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Genome & Genetics
16822Genome analysis of the immunostimulatory commensal SFBP. SchnupfWGS metagenomicsClosedOther
16817BIGSdb-Pasteur web pages and design renewalF. PalmaWeb developmentMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Microbiology
168133DPATHm. rincelGeneticsStatistical experiment designStatisticsIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
16799JASS 2 : Integrating functional annotation to a multi-trait GWAS web applicationH. JULIENNEUser centered designWeb developmentMediumIn Progress
16791Analysis of genes transcription profiles in E.coli after expression of the T4 phage protein NddF. ThéoDifferential analysisMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Genome & Genetics
16789Page web modélisation covid-19 pasteurS. CauchemezEpidemiology and public healthWeb developmentMediumClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
16769Asymmetric heart morphogenesisB. SégolèneFunctional AnalysisRNA-seqStatisticsTranscriptomicsLongIn ProgressDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
16763Validation of interactions between SARS-CoV-2 proteins and cellular proteinsG. DugiedStatisticsPendingDepartment of Virology
16730Characterization of Salmonella mutantsF. NORELGenome analysisShortIn ProgressDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
16720Global BioID-based SARS-CoV-2 proteins proximal interactome unveils novel ties between viral polypeptides and host factors involved in multiple COVID19-associated mechanismsY. JacobProteomicsMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Virology
16696Regulation of nasopharyngeal microbiome in normal healthy individualsJ. Di SantoComparative metagenomicsMediumPendingDepartment of Immunology
16693Mosquito vector competence for different RVFV variantsP. YENGenomicsPendingDepartment of Virology
16686Transcriptional profiling of the innate immune response of human fibroblasts of the LabEx Milieu interieur collection: interindividual variability and response to infectionB. DAVID-WATINEBiostatisticsPending
16678Etude des TSS alternatif chez CryptococcusG. JanbonRNA-seqMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Mycology
16644HPV RNA-SEQP. PérotMachine learningStatisticsTool DevelopmentTranscriptomicsLongIn ProgressOther
16636Defining the effects of TNF-blockers and IL-17A-inhibitors on immune responses in spondyloarthritis patients, analysis of protein and gene expression signaturesL. RoggeRNA-seqMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
16635Regulation of IL-23 Receptor expressionE. BianchiATAC-seqChIP-seqMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
16631The master regulator of virulence gene expression in Group B StreptococcusA. FIRONDifferential analysisRNA-seqShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Microbiology
16608Changes in cellular pathways during SARS-CoV-2 infection upon drug treatmentB. MeyerTranscriptomicsMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Virology
16604Single-cell characterization of autoreactive IgG-secreting cells in Immune thrombocytopeniaP. Canales HerreriasBiostatisticsMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Immunology
16594Identifying new population(s) of NK cells involved in memory to bacterial infectionM. HamonSingle CellTranscriptomicsMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
16585Phages - bacteria interactions network of the healthy human gutM. MarboutyChromatin conformation captureComparative metagenomicsStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
16560Induction of highly efficient HIV-specific CD8+ T cell responsesA. SAEZ-CIRIONStatisticsMediumClosedDepartment of Virology
16536Transcriptional analysis of injured skeletal muscleE. RossiFunctional AnalysisPathway AnalysisRNA-seqTranscriptomicsShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
16522A cost-effective molecular Tool for Strengthening Antimalarial drug Resistance surveillance in Africa (TSARA)D. MenardGenomicsWorkflow and pipeline developmentCoachingIn Progress
16423Track AnalyzerA. MichautProgram developmentCoachingIn ProgressDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
15884Setup of bioinformatic pipelines for paleo(meta)genomicsN. RASCOVANPhylogeneticsVariant analysisIn Progress
15876Analyse statistique de données de phénotypage à haut débitM. LegrandStatisticsShortPendingDepartment of Mycology
15813Identification, structural and functional analyses of peptides from SARS-Cov2 binding with high affinity to MHC-E and impact on NK cell responses in SARS-Cov2 infectionH. NicolasFunctional AnalysisTranscriptomicsPendingDepartment of Virology
15731Genome organization and synteny analysis of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis strains responsible for the Far-East Scarlatine-Like FeverJ. PIZARRO-CERDAComparative GenomicsData VisualizationPendingDepartment of Microbiology
15721Yersinomics SynTView instance deployment for 85 genomes and development of a SynTView javascript local viewJ. PIZARRO-CERDAComparative GenomicsData VisualizationMediumPendingDepartment of Microbiology
15696Identification of the genetic basis of bacteriophage-resistant isolatesL. DebarbieuxEvolutionGeneticsGenotypingIllumina HiSeqPendingDepartment of Microbiology
15658Conditionnal formating in an excel file for certain data over a certain period of time.M. Pardos de la GandaraData and text miningShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
15485Providing correlationPlus software to the scientific community for analysis of dynamical correlations in biological macromoleculesM. TekpinarSofware development and engineeringMediumClosedDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
15447Modulation of Flu transmission in Niger , according to climate variations over the past ten yearsR. JAMBOUBiostatisticsEpidemiology and public healthShortAwaiting PublicationOther
15424Effect of metabolic disturbance on the host transcriptional profile during Chlamydia infectionA. SubtilRNA-seqStatisticsShortDeclinedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
15377Correlative analysis between lipid droplets number and volume in hepatocytes infected by hepatitis C virus variantsE. SimonBiostatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Virology
15355Biology of noncoding regulatory elements in AnophelesK. VERNICKGeneticsMediumPending
15354Genetic association of malaria susceptibility by Anopheles population resequencingK. VERNICKGeneticsMediumPending
15353NGS-based genetic linkage mapping in AnophelesK. VERNICKGenomicsMediumIn Progress
15228Coaching in RE. BianchiData VisualizationMultidimensional data analysisStatisticsCoachingIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
15173Analysis of the transcriptome during lyssavirus infection in torpid bat: an in vitro model. Act 1L. DacheuxBiostatisticsDifferential analysisPathway AnalysisRead mappingRNA-seqShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
15170Statistical analysis of qRT-PCR dataA. ProutièreBiostatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
15169French GWAS Covid webpageH. AschardWeb developmentShortClosed
15163Left-right patterning of heart precursorsT. BønnelykkeDifferential analysisFunctional AnalysisPathway AnalysisRNA-seqSingle CellTranscriptomicsLongIn ProgressDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
15135An integrated software having a graphical user interface for the analysis of time-lapse images of bacterial microcoloniesG. MANINAImage analysisUser centered designWeb developmentMediumClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
15116Study of the deficiency in lactose utilization by Shigella strainsC. ParsotGenome analysisGenomicsVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
15114Proteomic analysis of Listeria monocytogenes molecules impacted upon exposure to Listeriolysin SJ. Pizarro-CerdaPathway AnalysisProteomicsDeclinedDepartment of Microbiology
15113A cost-effective molecular Tool for Strengthening Antimalarial drug Resistance surveillance in Africa (TSARA)D. MenardGenomicsWorkflow and pipeline developmentClosed
15084Research of orphan LytTR DNA-binding domainA. ProutièreFunctional AnnotationDeclinedDepartment of Microbiology
15067Building a database with a pattern mining system designed for virus nucleic acid dataR. PaulDatabaseDeclinedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
15066Small RNA signature on RIG-I like receptorsA. KomarovaTranscriptomicsMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Virology
15049Determination of RABV RNAs signatures recognized by RLRsW. AouadiTranscriptomicsMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
15033Identification of internal methylations of RABV mRNAs using RiboMeth sequencing approachW. AouadiTranscriptomicsMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
15011Collaboration between CETEA, C2RA and Hub for optimization of experimental designs (3R)M. MatteiStatistical experiment designStatisticsMediumIn Progress
15004Parvimonas micra's impact on primary human colonic cells DNA methylationE. BergstenBiostatisticsMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
15003Analysis polymorphism in a specific gene of Aedes aegypti using exome sequencing data.S. MerklingVariant analysisIn ProgressDepartment of Genome & Genetics
14989Mitochondrial polarization identifies functionally mature human NK cellsL. SuraceFunctional AnalysisMetabolomicsMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Immunology
14985Genome-Wide Mapping of Integron Cassette Integration Target Sites.C. LootIllumina MiSeqRead mappingSequence analysisMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Genome & Genetics
14968Analysis of microbiota in Anopheles mosquitoesP. BALDACCITargeted metagenomicsPendingDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
14967Transcriptional regulation of bacterial physiology during host-pathogen interactionA. FIRONDifferential analysisRNA-seqMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
14680Modulation of cellular pathways involved in neuropathology of rabies infectionF. LARROUSDifferential analysisRNA-seqMediumClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
14672Flemmingsome: A Midbody Remnant Proteome DatabaseN. Gupta-RossiCell biology and developmental biologyWeb developmentClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
14671Functinal analysis of proteome and phopshoproteome changes in murin intestine – mechanism of Streptococcus gallolyticus-induced carcinogenesisE. PasquereauPathway AnalysisDeclinedDepartment of Microbiology
14667improvement of new methodology for oral infection on miceA. DERBISEBiostatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
14643Plasmodium vivax Invasion Pathways into Human Reticulocytes - VIPersD. MenardPopulation geneticsCoachingPendingOther
14612Implementation of the ViroScreen workflow in GalaxyL. DacheuxGalaxyShortIn ProgressDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
14611Deciphering the transcriptome profil during rabies infection in brain in mouse and in humanL. DacheuxBiostatisticsFunctional AnalysisMicroarrayTranscriptomicsShortDeclinedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
14608Integration and advanced statistical analyses of complex datasets for host factor identification involved in Salmonella and Shigella intracellular niche formationJ. EnningaProteomicsDeclinedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
14607Récupération des données associées aux séquences de génomes de Klebsiella pneumoniae téléchargées du NCBIN. CABANELData managementShortClosed
14589Development and design of new functionalities for MEMHDX, a web application dedicated to the statistical analysis and vizualization of large HDX-MS datasets.S. BRIERStatisticsWeb developmentShortIn Progress
14587Off-target sites of Cas endonucleases targeted to trinucleotide repeatsG. RICHARDGenomicsClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
14555Identification of non-coding RNAs under the control of the PerR regulatorsN. BenaroudjNon coding RNARNA-seqTranscriptomicsShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
14510Shigella targeting of human colonic Lamina Propria Mononuclear CellsK. BrunnerRNA-seqSingle CellDeclinedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
14386Cartography of the expansion of pathogenic Yersinia in VietnamG. Mas FiolStatisticsShortPending
14385Evaluation of the mutation rate per site and dN/dS in the genomes of Yersinia enterocoliticaC. SavinPhylogeneticsShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Microbiology
14337Long-term preservation of a Campylobacter fetus strain and genomic stabilityD. ClermontRead mappingSequence analysisShortClosed
14332Proteomic analysis of the intracellular compartments containing Brucella abortusJ. Pizarro-CerdaDifferential analysisShortIn ProgressDepartment of Microbiology
14331Spatial analysis of cysticercosis seroprevalence in villages of Ivory CoastR. JAMBOUStatisticsShortClosed
14328SHERLOCK4HAT - WP1.1B. RotureauMotifs and patterns detectionShortClosed
14231Implementation of the ViroScreen workflow in GalaxyL. DacheuxGalaxyWorkflow and pipeline developmentShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
14071MacSyFinder 2.0E. RochaParallel computingScientific computingTool DevelopmentLongIn ProgressDepartment of Genome & Genetics
13980MLST versus Short Tandem repeats (Microsatellites) for Pneumocystis jirovecii genotypingM. Gits-MuselliBiostatisticsEvolutionGeneticsGenotypingGraph theory and analysisPopulation geneticsShortClosedDepartment of Mycology
13848Secretome Analysis of OIS IL6KO SASPM. von JoestProteomicsShortIn ProgressDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
13699DNMT and RNMT in LeishmaniaG. SpaethPhylogeneticsSequence homology analysisShortIn ProgressDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
13672Impact of APC gene mutations on anti-tumoral immune responsesV. Di BartoloBiostatisticsShortPendingDepartment of Immunology
13654Role of Tunneling nanotubes in GlioblastomaG. PintoStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
13522CRISPR design tools on crispr.pasteur.frD. BikardCRISPRWeb developmentMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
13496Microscystis transcriptomeM. GuggerDifferential analysisMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Microbiology
13471Bioinformatic analysis of paired alpha and beta T cell receptor sequences obtained at the single cell level by illumina sequencingL. ChakrabartiImmunogeneticsProgram developmentSingle CellTool DevelopmentTranscriptomicsIn ProgressDepartment of Virology
13458Assessing the role of gut microbiota in spondyloarthritis patients and impact of anti-TNF treament on its compositionC. RICHARD-MICELIMachine learningTargeted metagenomicsClosedDepartment of Immunology
13429Uncovering diversity and improving gene annotation of Leptospira sppoM. PICARDEAUAnnotationCoachingClosedDepartment of Microbiology
13426ICAREN. RosineClusteringExploratory data analysisFlow cytometry/cell sortingProgram developmentSofware development and engineeringStatisticsMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
13412Analysis of the clinical manifestations of Lyme borreliosis in France from 2003 to 2011V. ChoumetEpidemiology and public healthStatisticsShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
13408Proteome remodeling induces by the Cytotoxic Necrotizing Factors 1L. TSOUMTSAFunctional AnalysisShortClosed
13406Multiparametric immunophenotyping of whole blood in IFN-treated multiple sclerosis patientsP. DeviBiostatisticsFunctional AnalysisTranscriptomicsShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
13401Identification of mouse skin macrophage subpopulationsD. OBINOSingle CellMediumAwaiting Publication
13393Excess calorie intake early in life increases susceptibility to colitis in the adultZ. Al NabhaniBiostatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
13391Finding SNPs associated with Dengue infection in the mosquito Aedes aegyptiM. SarahTranscriptomicsVariant analysisShortPendingDepartment of Genome & Genetics
13387Distribution of Cytotoxic necrotizing factor 1 among the sequence type 131 emergent multidrug resistant lineage of Escherichia coliT. Landry LaureStatisticsShortAwaiting Publication
13382Mechanisms of HIV-1-infected cells susceptibility to Fc effector functionsT. BruelBiostatisticsCRISPRShortIn ProgressDepartment of Virology
13376Antiviral activities of anti-HIV-1 antibodiesT. BruelMicroarrayTranscriptomicsShortClosedDepartment of Virology
13341Serpentine: a flexible 2D binning method for differential Hi-C analysisV. ScolariBiostatisticsChromatin conformation captureShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
13324Defining the differential contributions of CD4+ and CD8+ anti-CD19 CAR T cells to tumor outcome, immune recruitment and toxicityM. CazauxRNA-seqSingle CellShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Immunology
13305Characterization of the bacterial and fungal microbiota in Aedes aegypti natural breeding sites and larvaeL. LAMBRECHTSShotgun metagenomicsAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Genome & Genetics
13296Quality controls for human plasmas and serums stored in biobanksH. LAUDEStatisticsShortIn ProgressDepartment of Microbiology
13292The anti-IgE antibody Omalizumab induces adverse reactions through engagement of Fc gamma receptorsB. BalbinoBiostatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
13287Targetting the function of a hypothetical proteinD. CzerneckiSequence analysisShortPendingDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
13267Analysis of Internal Deletions in EV71B. MeyerSequence analysisShortPendingDepartment of Virology
13264maintenance du site de la Collection des cyanobactériesB. BENEDICWeb developmentShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
13260Heterogeneity of the skeletal muscle microenvironmentL. PedutoRNA-seqSingle CellShortIn ProgressOther
13259Defective interfering viral genomes of shrimps' virusesA. KomarovaSequence designWorkflow and pipeline developmentShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Virology
13205Optimisation of freeze and conservation method of peripherical blood mononucleated cellsS. VallierBiostatisticsExploratory data analysisFlow cytometry/cell sortingMediumPendingOther
13204Early transcriptional signature of T-cell memory after dengue vaccinationC. RothDifferential analysisRNA-seqShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
13196Chikungunya virus adaptation to a low temperature in a French population Ae. albopictusR. BelloneData VisualizationVariant analysisPendingDepartment of Virology
13174Characterization of Yolk Sac Derived Progenitors in the Fetal LiverL. FreyerSingle CellMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
13146Intégration d'outils bioinformatique dans Galaxy pour identification bactérienneA. LE FLECHEGalaxyShortClosed
131413D PATHM. RINCELAssociation studiesBiostatisticsGeneticsMultidimensional data analysisStatisticsClosedDepartment of Immunology
13128Remettre les servers Genolist comme LegioList, TuberclListe, Colibri etc en serviceC. BuchrieserWeb developmentClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
13125Move of the DISCO-BAC server VM to the new DSI infrastructureB. SchwikowskiWeb developmentShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
13081Hamper cell-to-cell variation to enhance drug-mediated killingG. MANINABiostatisticsShortPendingDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
13078Determination of the transcriptome controlled by the two-component system BvrR/BvrS using dominant positive and negative BvrR mutantsJ. PIZARRO-CERDADifferential analysisCoachingAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Microbiology
13043Build a software to decipher Gephyrin alternative transcripts obtained with long read sequencinga. ericTool DevelopmentLongClosedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
12997Identifying subpopulation-specific signatures of tuberculosis persistence for enhanced diagnostics.G. MANINADifferential analysisRNA-seqMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
12996Analyse transcriptionnelle du cellules cancéreuse intestinal vs normales après co-culture avec la bactérie associée au cancer Streptococcus gallolyticusE. PasquereauPathway AnalysisClosedDepartment of Microbiology
12992Genomic DNA sequencing of Burkholderia ambifaria Q53 strain isolated from peanut rizospheric soilM. BEN ASSAYAAnnotationVariant analysisClosedDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
12991Role of RNA primary and secondary structure in non-homologous recombinationB. MeyerStatisticsDeclinedDepartment of Virology
12988LGP2 binds PACT to regulate RIG-I- and MDA5-mediated antiviral responseA. KomarovaBiostatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Virology
12987Afribiota-NeuroP. VonaeschBiostatisticsMediumClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
12929Single nucleotide polymorphisms and genome organization in members of the genus YersiniaJ. PIZARRO-CERDAComparative GenomicsData VisualizationShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
12920Séquençage à haut débit (NGS) et traitement de séquences ADN des domaines variables d’anticorps simple chaine d’alpaga (domaines VHH ou Nanobodies®)M. GomesSequence homology analysisSequencingWorkflow and pipeline developmentShortIn ProgressDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
12913Genetic and statistical analysis of data produced with the Collaborative Cross at the Institut PasteurX. MONTAGUTELLIGeneticsVariant analysisLongIn Progress
12901crispr.pasteur.frD. BikardData VisualizationWeb developmentShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
12897Comparative genomics of Listeria monocytogenes isolatesM. LecuitSequence analysisMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
12891Identification d’une mémoire épigénomique à Streptococcus pneumoniaeC. CHEVALIERChIP-seqDifferential analysisMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
12853Impact des contraintes biomécanistiques sur la dynamique des macro-ouverture induits par l'EDIN de Staphylococcus aureus.C. MORELBiostatisticsShortIn Progress
12833Training project for bacterial ChIP-seq Analysis on Streptococcus agalactiaeM. MazzuoliChIP-seqWorkflow and pipeline developmentCoachingClosedDepartment of Microbiology
12775Determination of host response elicited by different Salmonella lifestylesC. LUKRNA-seqStatisticsCoachingDeclinedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
12771Tissue-resident stromal cell heterogeneityL. PedutoSingle CellMediumClosedDepartment of Immunology
12767Comparative genomics of Helicobacter pylori bismuth resistant strainsH. DE REUSEComparative GenomicsVariant analysisShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Microbiology
12765Viral Host Range DatabankL. DebarbieuxData integrationData managementData VisualizationWeb developmentMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
12674DNMT orthologs in LeishmaniaS. LamotteSequence homology analysisShortClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
12670Genome-wide interactions between HP1g and RNA.C. RachezChIP-seqRNA-seqShortClosedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
12647Sequence analysis of Mycobacterium marinum mutantsM. CiminoAnnotationGenome assemblyVariant analysisShortClosed
12641Functional interactomics of SKAP2J. BureauFunctional AnalysisShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
12627Role of small non coding RNAs in the adaptive response to oxidative stress in pathogenic LeptospiraN. BENAROUDJRNA-seqShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
12619Asymptomatic pathogen carriage in stunted and non-stunted children living in Antananarivo, MadagascarP. VonaeschBiostatisticsData and text miningData integrationExploratory data analysisShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
12618Cellular plasticity during mammary gland developmentH. LIRNA-seqSingle CellShortDeclinedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
12591Rainfalls and water contamination in Antananarivo over 25 yearsJ. RonanStatisticsShortClosedOther
12571Role of the Topoisomerase 1 and Guanine quadruplexes as transcriptional regulatorsM. LAVIGNETranscriptomicsMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Virology
12502Toxin induced dephosphorylation of H3S10M. HamonChIP-seqDeclinedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
12497Genome annotation of sequenced bacteria of the Culture Collection of the Pasteur InstitutM. PinaAnnotationDeclinedDepartment of Microbiology
12401Comparison of matrices of antibody gene usageP. BRUHNSBiostatisticsData VisualizationParallel computingStatistical inferenceMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
12288High content screening of mitochondrial morphology defects in mitochondrial genetic diseasesT. WaiBiostatisticsImage analysisMachine learningShortClosed
12261Identification of eukaryotic 5'UTRsA. ECHARDMotifs and patterns detectionTranscriptomicsShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
12260Pasteur MLST: Institut Pasteur genomic taxonomy database of microbial strainsS. BrisseComparative GenomicsComparative GenomicsDatabaseWeb developmentMediumIn ProgressOther
12246functional enrichment of RNA processing factors associated with proteins of influenza virusesC. DemeretDatabases and ontologiesShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Virology
12231Identification of immune response signatures that correlate with therapeutic responses to TNF inhibitors using machine-learning algorithmsL. RoggeBiostatisticsMachine learningMediumClosedDepartment of Immunology
12220The Flemmingsome: the proteome of intact cytokinetic midbodiesN. GUPTA-ROSSICell biology and developmental biologyDatabaseProteomicsWeb developmentShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
12193Automated merging of CSV documents.M. MistrettaData managementShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
12128Transcriptomics of Anopheles – Plasmodium vivax interactions towards identification of malaria transmission blocking targetsC. BourgouinAnnotationDifferential analysisNon coding RNARNA-seqTranscriptome assemblyLongClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
12107Ecological evolution in KlebsiellaJ. Lopez FernandezBiostatisticsPhylogeneticsShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
12106An Aedes albopictus-driven epidemiological prediction for arboviral diseases outbreak in EuropeP. YenEpidemiology and public healthClosedDepartment of Virology
12069Heterogeneity of tissue resident stromal cellsD. Al-DhahriSingle CellMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Immunology
12068Antimalarial drug resistance in Africa: A comprehensive molecular analysis of the emergence of artemisinin resistant parasites in AfricaD. MenardPhylogeneticsPopulation geneticsVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
12049Understanding the pathways of small RNA production during Meiotic Silencing by Unpaired DNA (MSUD) in the fungus Neurospora crassaE. GladyshevNon coding RNAWorkflow and pipeline developmentLongClosedOther
12041Characterization of Yolk Sac Derived Progenitors in the Fetal LiverL. FreyerSingle CellLongIn ProgressDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
12018Assessing the integrations of viral sequences into the genomes of Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegyptiV. HouéGenomicsHost-pathogen interactionsShortClosedDepartment of Virology
11988Phage infection dynamics in the gut of gnotobiotic miceM. Mansos LourencoBiostatisticsqPCRShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
11975Analyse d’expression de gènes de la réponse immune par voies fonctionnellesF. MichelPathway AnalysisShortClosedOther
11966Dynamic and integrative multidimensional OMICs analysis of the cellular senescence fateO. BischofATAC-seqChIP-seqData integrationEpigenomicsModelingMotifs and patterns detectionTranscriptomicsLongClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
11936Dissecting Peptidoglycan pathways in human near-haploid cellsM. Fanton d\'AndonGenomicsMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
11931High-throuput nanobodies (VHH) screening and sequencingM. MarinozziSequence analysisDeclinedDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
11885Development of a Software tool to integrate Bottomp-up, Middle-down and Top-down proteomics dataM. MatondoData VisualizationUser centered designWeb developmentMediumDeclined
11805Implémentation d’un algorithme rapide de génotypage cgMLSTV. BOUCHEZAlgorithmicsShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
11793ChIP-seq analysis of the majour regulator of GBS virulencem. mazzuoliChIP-seqShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
11691Fusion proteins in mammals and yeastsF. ReyPhylogeneticsSequence analysisShortClosedDepartment of Virology
11681Genetic traits involved in the regulation of NK cell and ILC homeostasis and NK cell-mediated anti-tumor functionsC. VosshenrichBiostatisticsGenotypingStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
11642Defining Shigella-targeting of human lamina propria mononuclear cells using CyTOF technologyK. BrunnerCytometryDifferential analysisSingle CellShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
11514Exploring immunological mechanisms of human graft-verus-host disease after hematopoietic stem cell transplantationE. LatisDifferential analysisShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
11491MOODel: Modeling Mood DisordersA. A. DargélClusteringStatistical inferenceLongClosedDepartment of Neuroscience
11317Role of ATM in EBV latencyM. LecuitDifferential analysisRNA-seqStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
11315Next Generation Surveillance of Salmonella and Shigella infectionsF. WeillGenome analysisPhylogeneticsDeclinedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
11308Transcriptome of epithelial cells challenged with different serotypes of S. pneumoniaeM. ConnorTranscriptomicsDeclinedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
11305Modulation of neutrophil cytosolic proteome in GCSF-treated patients. Impact of sample treatmentM. BenoitProteomicsClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
11290Analyse statistique d'interactions protéine-protéineG. EdithInteractomicsStatistical inferenceShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
11226Extracting spatiotemporal gene expression activity from live biological tissuesT. GregorApplied mathematicsBiophysicsModelingSystems BiologyMediumDeclined
11221State and parameter inference for stochastic models of gene expressionJ. RuessApplied mathematicsModelingSingle CellStatistical inferenceSystems BiologyLongClosedOther
11123Identification of the mouse and/or rat orthologues of the human gene ANOS1, responsible for the X-chromosome-linked form of Kallmann syndromeJ. HARDELINAnnotationGenomicsShortClosedDepartment of Neuroscience
11075characterization of RNA virus populations from untargeted NGS in natural infections samplesE. Simon-LoriereRNA-seqClosedDepartment of Virology
11074Evaluation de la représentativité génétique d'un pool de souchesE. SitterléStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Mycology
10966Analysis of methylation for HIV patients with co-infectionsY. MadecBiostatisticsData integrationEpidemiology and public healthEpigenomicsGenotypingStatisticsShortIn ProgressDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
10958BD-CheM - Development of a chemical database to store structural and physico-chemistry dataO. SperandioDatabaseWeb developmentShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
10948Insight into the Immune System: A bioresource and data-sharing platform to study chronic inflammatory diseases (IsIShare)h. laudeBiostatisticsData integrationData managementClosedOther
10939Microbiota dysbiosis in human colon cancerI. SOBHANIMetagenomicsMediumClosedOther
10938Implication du plasmide pKOBEG dans le génome d'Escherechia coli 55989E. GasiorowskiEscherichia coliShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
10937Physical Contact between human and non human primates in Southeastern CameroonV. NaratClusteringStatistical inferenceShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
10934Mechanisms of phage resistance in Vibrio cholerae O1 biotype classicP. KaminskiSequence analysisShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
10928DNA encapsulation of human resources for research projects on immune system and inflammatory diseasesh. laudeMicroarraySNPShortClosedOther
10921Analysis of DNA methylation in the presence and absence of antibiotics in wt and mutant V. choleraeB. ZeynepBisulfite-seqVibrio choleraeMediumClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
10920Phylogenetic analysis of HHD-PDZ containing proteinsN. WolffPhylogenySequence analysisPhylogeny/phylogeneticsSequence analysisShortClosedDepartment of Neuroscience
10913Finding and Predicting CRISPR-Cas9 EfficiencyJ. Wong NgData VisualizationTool DevelopmentWeb developmentShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
10906Identification of APOBEC3 mutations in cancer genomsV. CAVALGalaxyShortClosedDepartment of Virology
10896Prediction of Congenital Infection in Tunisian Pregnant WomenB. ImeneMetagenomicsDeclinedOther
10895CNF-domain containing toxin familyE. LemichezComparative GenomicsShortIn ProgressDepartment of Microbiology
10893Impact of gut microbiota on lipid metabolismG. ChevalierMetagenomicsMetabolomicsShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
10841Duplications in bacteriophage genomes.L. De SordiAssemblyMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
10840Identification of Ago2-bound nuclear transcripts and genomic loci in adult zebrafish neural stem cellsB. LaureChIP-seqRNA-seqCoachingClosedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
10825Characterization of the role of Argonaute proteins in regulating germline gene expression at the transcriptional and the post-transcriptional levels.G. CECEREDifferential analysisEpigenomicsNon coding RNAProgram developmentRibosome profilingRNA-seqTranscriptomicsWorkflow and pipeline developmentLongIn Progress
10791Mapping of Enhancers from transcriptome dataC. MUCHARDTEpigenomicsTranscriptomicsLongClosedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
10781Analysis of IFITM RNA levels in vraious cell types and tissuesO. SchwartzDifferential analysisRNA-seqStatisticsTranscriptomicsMediumClosedDepartment of Virology
10757Evolutionary approach to protein thermal stabilityN. ReyesSequence analysisMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
10712VCF filtering scriptN. ElisabethVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
10674Channels in metagenomics dataD. MarcMetagenomicsShortClosedDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
10570Phylogenetic analysis of insect-specific flavivirusesA. BaidaliukPhylogeny/phylogeneticsShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
10540Characterization of a Salmonella mutant carrying a single amino-acid substitution in the stress sigma factor RpoSF. NORELRNA-seqShortClosedDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
10508Genotype to phenotype analysis of immune responses in chronic inflammatory diseasesE. BianchiGenotypingImmunogeneticsMachine learningStatisticsTranscriptomicsLongIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
10502The resurgence of a neglected disease, Yellow fever: from jungle to urban environmentsA. FAILLOUXVariant analysisMediumClosedDepartment of Virology
10357Environmental and human surveillance of polioviruses, VDPVs, and other enteroviruses in Madagascar and the impact during the switch from tOPV to bOPVP. PolstonMetagenomicsLongClosedDepartment of Virology
10344Amélioration des techniques permettant la détection de poliovirus dans l'environnement.M. BessaudPoliovirusDeclinedDepartment of Virology
10343Détection et assemblage d’entérovirus dans des échantillons cliniques et environnementauxM. BessaudAssemblyMetagenomicsEnterovirusesPoliovirusMediumClosedDepartment of Virology
10315De novo sequencing and analysis of three unassigned species of non tuberculous mycobacteria.R. GHARBIAssemblyShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
10297viral evolution around Ebola Treatment Center in MacentaC. PicardPhylogeneticsVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Virology
10209identification of sRNA in Leptospira biflexa and influence of a putative Hfq on the transcriptomeM. PICARDEAURNA-seqShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
10143AIMyc: Analysis of the Impact of antibiotics, antifungals on the Mycobiome of allogeneic stem cell recipients.A. AlexandreMetagenomicsShortClosedDepartment of Mycology
9762Trichosporon asahii NGS analysisM. Desnos-OllivierComparative GenomicsGenome assemblyVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Mycology
9635Assembly of insect virus genomeK. EiglmeierGalaxyShortClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
9210Effects of expanded-spectrum cephalosporins ( ceftriaxone or céfotaxime) on the human gut MycobiomeM. BougnouxTargeted metagenomicsShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Mycology
8806Characterizaion of the microbiome of lab colonies of Aedes aegyptiL. DicksonMetagenomicsShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
8788Super-resolution imaging and reconstructions of human cell chromosome architectureX. Hao3CGenomicsShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
8727Functional interactions between HP1 proteins and RNA.C. RACHEZDifferential analysisRNA-seqTranscriptomicsShortClosedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
8657Biomarqueurs d’identification précoce du sepsis aux urgences (BIPS)J. CavaillonStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
8565Multi-traits GWAS in MalariaA. SakuntabhaiStatisticsDeclinedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
8543the role of host defense in female genital tract infection by Chlamydia trachomatisy. wuDifferential analysisqPCRStatistical inferenceShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
8528Comparing V-J gene usage for specific antibody generationP. BruhnsStatistical inferenceShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
8521Relationships between ESBL-producing Escherichia coli from food and healthy mothers in Phnom Penh, CambodiaM. NadimpalliAnnotationAssemblyPhylogenyEscherichia coliShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
8494NOXO1 interacting partners in intestinal epithelial cells under inflammatory and infectious conditionsB. MARTEYNProteomicsShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
8491Investigating developmental defects of a C. trachomatis mutant strainA. SubtilStatistical inferenceShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
8453Heritability of the melatonin synthesis pathway in Autism Spectrum DisordersM. BenabouGeneticsStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Neuroscience
8392Transcriptional profile of Nod2+ neurons upon MDP signalingG. CHEVALIERDifferential analysisRNA-seqShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
8364Assess possible correlations between enteric viruses found in sewage waste water and healthy Roma children in Romania in the period 2016-2017A. BaidjoeMetagenomicsShortClosedDepartment of Virology
8363Analyse génomique de corynebacterieM. BEN ASSAYASequence analysisVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
8340Infection of Ixodes ricinus by Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato by in peri-urban forests of FranceV. ChoumetModelingStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
8328Experimental evolution of Chikungunya and Zika viruses’ strains to study emerging variants.M. VignuzziCNVSNPData VisualizationPhylogeny/phylogeneticsMediumClosedDepartment of Virology
8318Salmonella CRISPR databaseL. FabreCRISPRTool DevelopmentShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
8302Metabolic characterization of ILCs under homeostatic or stress conditionsL. SuraceData integrationData managementData VisualizationMetabolomicsPathway AnalysisStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
8290Common and phylogenetically widespread coding for peptides by bacterial small RNAs – Follow up of a project regarding its journal reviewB. SchwikowskiDatabaseSystems BiologyWeb developmentClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
8263Performing Gene Ontology Analysis on RNAseq data in Aedes aegyptiS. MerklingRNA-seqShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
8239INNOV DIAG HPV VALOEXPRESSP. PérotDiff. ExpressionStatisticsTool DevelopmentShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
8232Looking for the SNPs in evolved Corynebacterium diphtheriae genomesS. BRISSECNVSNPClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
8227TB drugs and host responseL. TailleuxRNA-seqShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
8217Evaluation of the GO annotation of the Leishmania donovani genomeG. SpaethAnnotationDeclinedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
8202Transcriptomic analysis of blood cells from ebola infected patientsS. REYNARDDifferential analysisMicroarrayPathway AnalysisStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Virology
8125Lipid-binding domains in Vaccinia virus proteinsE. QueminSequence analysisShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
8117Histone Methyltransferase and Demethylase in LeishmaniaS. LamottePhylogeneticsSequence analysisShortClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
8094ModeMood: Modeling Mood DisordersA. Ayub DargélStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Neuroscience
8067Bioinformatic analysis of the adenylate cyclase CyaA toxinA. ChenalSequence analysisStructural bioinformaticsShortClosedDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
8002Genetic profile of patients with dyslexiaC. LeblondGeneticsGenotypingStatisticsMediumIn ProgressDepartment of Neuroscience
8001Characterization of an RNA binding protein of Listeria monocytogenesA. PagliusoRNA-seqShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
7990MacSyDBCapsuleE. RochaTool DevelopmentShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
7968Extraction of sequence information from published genomes of commensal bacteriaP. SchnupfComparative GenomicsOrthology and paralogy analysisSequence homology analysisShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
7965Statistical analysis of PI survey for the scientific directionG. ChevalierClusteringDimensional reductionStatisticsShortClosedOther
7964Identification de SNP entre 2 souches bactériennesL. DebarbieuxAssemblyComparative GenomicsOmicsSNPShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
7930Gene expression profiling in Kupffer cellsY. WeiPathway AnalysisShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Virology
7917Recombination among enterovirusesM. BessaudTool DevelopmentShortPendingDepartment of Virology
7901Automatic detection of antibiotic resistance genesO. ChesneauSequence analysisShortIn ProgressOther
7841Research of SNPs to explain the non virulent phenotype of a mutant of L. interrogans serovar Manilae L495 affecting the expression of a protein not involved in virulenceC. WERTSVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
7836Graphical representation of co-expressed genes in various datasetsP. Jean-JacquesMicroarrayShortClosedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
7834Role of PerR-regulated oxidative stress response in pathogen Leptospira virulenceN. BenaroudjVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
7829Discovery of non-annotated transcripts in RNAseq data from Aedes AegyptiS. MerklingAnnotationRNA-seqTranscriptome assemblyTranscriptomicsShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
7820Study of the early pathogenesis during Lassa fever in cynomolgus monkeys and its correlation with the outcomeS. BaizeDifferential analysisPathway AnalysisRNA-seqLongIn ProgressDepartment of Virology
7810Quantitative temporal analysis of cellular proteins regulated by HBV in primary human hepatocytesC. NeuveutDifferential analysisProteomicsShortDeclinedDepartment of Virology
7789Caractéristiques génomiques de souches d’Escherichia coli productrices de BLSE associées à un portage persistant après un voyage en zone tropicaleL. ArmandStatisticsDeclinedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
7757Comparative analysis of transcriptomic and proteomic data to study RNA and protein expression regulation during RVFV infection in mice.B. MagaliDifferential analysisMicroarrayShortPendingDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
7750Gene ontology analysis of RNAseq data from uninfected and Leishmania-infected mouse macrophagesE. PrinaPathway AnalysisShortClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
7721Comparative analysis of gene expression pattern between samples of tumor and normal mice tissueE. CHALATSIDifferential analysisMicroarrayPathway AnalysisDeclinedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
7704Comparative analysis of gene expression in different human cell clonesP. GARCIA GUTIERREZDifferential analysisShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
7631Differentiation of Shigella species from Escherichia coli by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometryS. LefèvreProteomicsShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
7608Single cell analysis of HIV-specific CD4+ T cell differentiationL. ChakrabartiSingle CellMediumClosedDepartment of Virology
7607JASS: an online tool for the joint analysis of GWAS summary statisticsH. AschardData VisualizationGeneticsStatisticsTool DevelopmentWeb developmentMediumClosedCenters
7596Immune control of the gut microbiota and lifespan of A. stephensi.E. BischoffShotgun metagenomicsShortClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
7528Characterization of the specific TCR repertoire preferentially expressed in spontaneously controlled HIV infectionV. LibriAnnotationRNA-seqSingle CellDeclinedCenters
7437Utilize mouse models to study infection by HIV-1V. LibriqPCRSequence analysisShortClosedCenters
7429A novel MacSyFinder module for detection of bacterial capsule systems on the future Galaxy platform.E. RochaTool DevelopmentShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
7427Add unit tests to IntegronFinderE. RochaTool DevelopmentShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
7419Development of a new web interface for ARIAB. BardiauxGalaxyStructural bioinformaticsWeb developmentLongClosedDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
7413In silico analyses of a novel LincRNA potentially involved in type I IFN responseE. RubinoNon coding RNATranscriptomicsShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
7409Development of top-down proteomics for clinical microbiologyJ. Chamot-RookeProteomicsTool DevelopmentShortClosedDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
7331Analysis of DNA methylation in the presence and absence of antibiotics in wt and mutant V. cholerae.z. BaharogluBisulfite-seqEpigenomicsMediumClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
7283Detection of virulence Genes and genes of interest in Bacillus cereusD. ClermontComparative GenomicsShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
7277optimisation d\'un programme sous RP. CommereCytometryStatisticsShortClosedOther
7213Activation of plasmacytoïd dendritic cells by arenaviruses : transcriptomic analysisJ. SchaefferDifferential analysisPathway AnalysisShortClosedDepartment of Virology
7198Genomic analysis of bacterial evolutionL. DebarbieuxComparative GenomicsSNPDeclinedDepartment of Microbiology
7188Genomic differences of the same strains preserved in different culture collectionsD. ClermontVariant analysisClosedDepartment of Microbiology
7143Modeling mitochondrial metabolism dormant Cryptococcus neoformansB. HommelGenomicsProteomicsSystems BiologyTranscriptomicsClosedDepartment of Mycology
7142Development of a web application and new functionalities for the maintenance and curation of iPPI-DBO. SperandioDatabaseGalaxyStructural bioinformaticsWeb developmentLongClosedCenters
7121Determination of phage termini using NGSD. BikardSequence analysisStatisticsDeclinedDepartment of Microbiology
7089Cytokinesis studyN. GUPTAProteomicsMediumDeclinedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
7074Gene Ontology and sequence analysis of proteomics data on mycolactone effects on dendritic cells.J. MorelProteomicsSequence analysisShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
7072RNA analysis underlying phenotype of mouse model for autismB. ThomasRNA-seqStatisticsMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Neuroscience
7069Mapping the genomic architecture of human neuroanatomical diversityR. ToroStatisticsVariant analysisLongClosedDepartment of Neuroscience
7066Insect Vector GenomicsK. VernickGeneticsGenomicsPopulation geneticsTranscriptomicsWGS metagenomicsLongIn ProgressDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
7046Transcriptional regulation of innate lymphoid cell plasticity versus differentiationR. GOLUBSingle CellStatisticsShortIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
6952PhageTermini: a Fast and User-friendly Software to Determine Bacteriophage Packaging Mode and TerminiM. MonotGalaxyShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
6826Regulation of HIV-1 integration selectivity by chromatinM. LAVIGNESequence analysisStatisticsShortIn ProgressDepartment of Virology
6818Identification of genes involved in the attenuation of virulence of rough M. abscessus Tn5 mutants in zebrafishA. PawlikVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
6803Identification of promoteur-overlaping antisense transcriptionG. Badis-BréardTranscriptomicsShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
6783Tac4, a new RNA helicase involved in translation control?M. Fromont-RacineTranscriptomicsShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
6761Impact of hepatic inflammation on microbiotaY. WeiShotgun metagenomicsShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Virology
6759Measles virus protein C interplay with cellular apoptotic pathways; applications for cancer treatmentA. MeigniéData VisualizationSystems BiologyTranscriptomicsShortClosedDepartment of Virology
6721Regulation of Sirtuin 2-dependent histone deacetylation during bacterial infectionJ. PereiraChIP-seqShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
6701Identification of Tac4 mRNA targetsM. Fromont-RacineRNA-seqShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Genome & Genetics
6699Deciphering the composition dynamics of infant gut microbiomeX. GAOShotgun metagenomicsShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
6667Analysis of the transcriptome of malaria parasitesS. VembarDifferential analysisRNA-seqTranscriptome assemblyMediumClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
6579Novel protein interaction in the assembly of photosynthetic prokaryotic complexesG. KufrykPhylogeneticsShortPendingDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
6535Dissecting the peptidoglycan trafficking machinery using gene trap mutagenesis in near-haploid human cellsC. BrennerGenome assemblyStatisticsMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
6510IgBlast on GalaxyT. HieuGalaxyShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
6333Identification of new or unexpected pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites associated with acute or progressive diseasesM. ELOITPhylogeneticsShotgun metagenomicsTool DevelopmentLongIn ProgressDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
6325Diffusion des mutations de résistance du VIH : modèles et méthodes d’estimationO. GascuelPhylogeneticsMediumClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
6313Molecular analysis of muscle stem cellsF. PalaMicroarrayMediumClosedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
6311Nanotherapeutics for multidrug-resistant tuberculosisL. TailleuxRNA-seqShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
6272Host gene regulation in response to Listeria monocytogenes infectionD. RIBETDifferential analysisMicroarrayStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
6040Deconvolution of synthetic chromosomes in 3DR. KoszulChromatin conformation captureDeclinedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
5679Collaboration with the hub to develop ChiPseq and ATACseq analysis pipelinesJ. CoppeeATAC-seqChIP-seqMediumClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
5667Comparative analysis of the virulence plasmids of Shigella Spp. and entero-invasive Escherichia coliC. ParsotData VisualizationVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
5583Label-free quantitative proteomics of Human Macrophages infected by M. tuberculosisM. MatondoProteomicsDeclinedDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
5567Rift valley fever NSm protein functional studyB. MagaliDifferential analysisPathway AnalysisProteomicsShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Virology
5489Zebrafish microbiotaF. StressmannShotgun metagenomicsShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
5412Comparative genomic and phylogenetic analysis of Clostridium botulinum strainsM. ChristelleComparative GenomicsPhylogeneticsDeclinedDepartment of Microbiology
5310Patho-evolution of mycobacterial strainsE. BoritschVariant analysisShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Genome & Genetics
5121Deciphering dormancy in Cryptocococcus neoformansB. HommelStatisticsMediumClosedDepartment of Mycology
5034Environmental and human surveillance of polioviruses, VDPVs, and other enteroviruses in Madagascar during the switch from tOPV to bOPVP. PolstonShotgun metagenomicsMediumClosedDepartment of Virology
4863Recherche de SNP chez une souche de leptospira biflexa d'interêtB. PascaleComparative GenomicsData VisualizationVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
4711Genomic analysis of small orfs of unknown functionF. NorelComparative GenomicsSequence analysisShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
4541Prediction of RNA-RNA interactions between a family of GC-rich ncRNAs and nascent transcripts of virulence genes in Plasmodium falciparumA. Barcons SimonNon coding RNAShortClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
4489HSC3DP. ClercGenomicsSingle CellShortClosedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
4336Comparative genomic and phylogenetic analysis of Clostridium baratii strainsC. MAZUETPhylogeneticsSequence analysisShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
4173Gene Expression analysisD. SophieDifferential analysisMicroarrayStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
4109BrainEvoG. DumasData VisualizationDeclinedDepartment of Neuroscience
4108Bioinformatic analysis of phospholipase A2 (PLA2) from P. falciparumA. AlagananPhylogeneticsStructural bioinformaticsShortClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
3936mechanism of toxin production by Klesiella pneumoniaeR. TOURNEBIZEGenome assemblyVariant analysisShortAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
3907secretome analysis of human intestinal cells during shigella invasionn. sauvonnetStatisticsClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
3905Development and use of statistical programs to analyze RNA-Seq data produced at the Transcriptome & Epigenome PlatformJ. CoppéeDifferential analysisRNA-seqSingle CellStatisticsMis-a-dispositionClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
3883Development and use of statistical programs to analyze RNA-Seq data produced at the Transcriptome & Epigenome PlatformJ. CoppéeDifferential analysismiRNAStatisticsMis-a-dispositionClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
3826Analysis of sequencing data from a Leishmania donovani cosmid libraryP. PescherSequence analysisMediumClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
3564Mining the Plasmodium genome to identify novel blood stage antigens for use as malaria vaccine candidatesC. ChitnisGenomicsDeclinedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
3475Development of a bioinformatics workflow dedicated to the analysis of the viral metagenome: from NGS raw data to the identification of novel virusesL. DacheuxShotgun metagenomicsTaxonomyShortClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
3456individual-nucleotide resolution Cross-Linking and ImmunoPrecipitation (iCLIP) of Argonaute proteins in C. elegansG. CECERERNA-seqDeclinedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
3442Reconstruction of archaeal genomes from environmental metagenomic datas. gribaldoShotgun metagenomicsLongClosedDepartment of Microbiology
3346Systems Biology of Cell Infection by the Bacterial Pathogen Listeria monocytogenesJ. PIZARRO-CERDAmiRNASystems BiologyMediumClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
3327Listeriomics - Development of a web platform for visualization and analysis of Listeria omics dataP. CossartData VisualizationGenomicsProteomicsTool DevelopmentTranscriptomicsMediumClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
3322Host Range DatabaseL. DebarbieuxData VisualizationDeclinedDepartment of Microbiology
3312Determination of SNPs in 6 genomes of Leptospira kirschneri serovar grippotyphosaP. hugonData VisualizationVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
3257Factors determining HIV seeding in CD4+ T cell subpopulationsS. AsierDifferential analysisStatisticsMediumClosedDepartment of Virology
3223Transciptomic analysis of dendritic cell response during Lassa virus infectionJ. SchaefferDifferential analysisTranscriptomicsClosedDepartment of Virology
3127Interactions and dynamics of fungal and bacterial microbiome in healthy peopleM. BougnouxShotgun metagenomicsShortClosedDepartment of Mycology
3103Massive amplification at an unselected locus accompanies complex chromosomal rearrangements in yeastB. DUJONVariant analysisMis-a-dispositionClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
3100SNP based analysis of French Bordetella pertussis isolates: comparison of isolates producing all the vaccine antigens to isolates producing only some of them.V. BouchezComparative GenomicsVariant analysisMediumClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
3086Bio-informatics support for the LeiSHield projectG. SpaethSequence analysisLongClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
3035ImmunovaxG. Barba SpaethStatisticsShortDeclinedDepartment of Virology
3030RNAseq analysis-gene ontology enrichment Clostridium tetaniD. Chapeton MontesDifferential analysisStatisticsMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2976Meta-analysis of dengue transcriptomic dataI. NikolayevaSystems BiologyMediumClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2944Antibody sequencing by MS: Automation of analysisB. SaunierProteomicsSequence analysisTool DevelopmentLongIn ProgressDepartment of Virology
2937The contribution of ecological variation to the microbiome of Ae. aegyptiL. DicksonShotgun metagenomicsShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2936A long-term mission for an assigned CIH-embedded bioinformatician to provide bioinformatic support to the CIH communityM. HasanDifferential analysisMicroarrayRNA-seqSequence analysisSingle CellSystems BiologyTool DevelopmentMis-a-dispositionIn ProgressDepartment of Immunology
2933Variant effects on influenza virus proteinsC. BarbezangeSequence analysisStatisticsVariant analysisMediumClosedDepartment of Virology
2922Comparative genomic and phylogenetic analysis of 14 Clostridium tetani strainsD. Chapeton MontesComparative GenomicsPhylogeneticsShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2920Un workflow pour l'analyses des polymorphismes des souches de grippe saisonnier.V. EnoufSequence analysisTool DevelopmentVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Virology
2919L'analyses phylogénétique par séquence protéique, temporal et géographicalN. NaffakhPhylogeneticsLongClosedDepartment of Virology
2918Analyses fonctionnel des protéines humains de type ubiquitin.C. DemeretProteomicsSequence analysisMediumClosedDepartment of Virology
2917Analyses protéine-protéine interactionsY. JacobProteomicsStructural bioinformaticsMis-a-dispositionClosedDepartment of Virology
2905Deciphering dormancy in Cryptocococcus neoformansh. benjaminStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Mycology
2904Variant detection on NGS dataL. DEBARBIEUXVariant analysisMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2892The Physiological Consequences of Altering Bacterial Cell Wall SynthesisJ. BerryAnnotationDifferential analysisGenomicsProteomicsTranscriptomicsMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2889Genome On RailsE. RochaComparative GenomicsDeclinedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2882Deciphering the global response of human macrophages against M. tuberculosisL. TailleuxGenomicsStatisticsMediumClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2881Re-annotation and HTseq analysis of the Sudanese L. donovani strain LdS1G. SpaethSequence analysisLongClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
2875Do faecal microbiome phages facilitate antibiotic resistance?E. RochaShotgun metagenomicsCoachingClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2873Transcriptome du fibroblaste cutané humain: une approche pré-expérimentaleB. David-WatineDifferential analysisDeclinedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
2871Mise a disposition d'un(e) bioinformaticien(ne) du hub pour les analyses bioinformatiques du transcriptome et de l epigenomeJ. CoppeeATAC-seqChIP-seqNon coding RNARNA-seqSingle CellMis-a-dispositionClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2850Horizontal gene transfer in mycobacteriaE. BoritschData VisualizationGenome assemblyVariant analysisLongClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2829Yeast comparative genomicsB. DujonAnnotationComparative GenomicsGenome assemblyVariant analysisLongClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2827N/AN. RachidiPhylogeneticsSequence analysisShortClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
2822sequence conservation in the vicinity of Gli3 binding sites in the mouse genomeR. BenoitSequence analysisShortClosedOther
2760Pasteur International Bioresources Network (PIBnet) bioinformatics: whole-genome sequencing of microbial agents for disease surveillance, outbreak investigation, epidemiology and population biologyS. BRISSEGenome assemblyPhylogeneticsStatisticsTaxonomyTool DevelopmentVariant analysisEmbeddedIn ProgressDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2741A reference panel of dengue vector genomesL. LambrechtsAnnotationGenome assemblyTool DevelopmentMediumClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2720How ribosomal protein gene position impacts in the genome evolution during a long term evolution experiment.A. SOLERGenome assemblyGenome rearrangementsVariant analysisMediumAwaiting PublicationDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2712Regulation by phase variation and attenuation: looking for leader peptides containing repeats in the intergenic regions of streptococcal genomesS. DramsiAnnotationPhylogeneticsMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2622MicrocystOmicsC. PancraceData VisualizationGenomicsStatisticsTranscriptomicsMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2598Updating the Topo IB gene treeP. ForterreData VisualizationPhylogeneticsTaxonomyMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2596Assemblage de novo d'une souche d'E. coliL. DEBARBIEUXGenome assemblyShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2595A program to identify integrons, attC sites and gene cassettesE. RochaTool DevelopmentMediumClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2561Identification of Transcription Start Sites and small RNAs in Leptospira interrogans by transcriptome analysisM. PicardeauDifferential analysismiRNATranscriptomicsMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2552Role of SUMO, a new epigenetic mark, in stress responseA. DEJEANATAC-seqChIP-seqDifferential analysisEpigenomicsRNA-seqTranscriptomicsLongClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
2548INNOV DIAG HPVP. PérotDifferential analysisStatisticsTool DevelopmentMediumClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
2535Influence of chromatin dynamics on genomic stability during replicationL. Lazar StefanitaData VisualizationVariant analysisMediumClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2533Transcriptome analyis of two human T cell subsetsF. MICHELDiff. ExpressionDeclinedDepartment of Immunology
2529a web interface for MacSyFinder (a tool to detect macromolecular systems in genomes).E. RochaTool DevelopmentMediumClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2528Analysis of host epitranscriptional modifications upon colonisation with commensals and infection by bacterial pathogensP. CossartChIP-seqDifferential analysisLongClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
2527Deconvolution of synthetic homologous chromosomes in 3DR. KoszulChromatin conformation captureShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2526Analyse de données de microarrayY. WeiDifferential analysisMicroarrayStatisticsMediumClosedDepartment of Virology
2512Single cell gene expression profiling of HIV-specific CD8+ T cells associated with HIV controlA. Saez-CirionDifferential analysisSingle CellLongClosedDepartment of Virology
2510Implementation of a statistical tool for HDX-MS data analysesS. BRIERProteomicsLongClosedDepartment of Structural Biology & Chemistry
2506Analyse de séquence 16SL. DEBARBIEUXTaxonomyMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2504Analyse de données de miRNAF. MichelmiRNAShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
2497Methods to identify and characterize orthologs of genes encoding small proteinsF. NorelPhylogeneticsLongClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2490Analyses of SNP diversity of Legionella pneumophila strainsC. BuchrieserComparative GenomicsData VisualizationVariant analysisMediumClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2485Interactive web interfaces and Analysis Tools of Bacterial NGS data for Postgenomics Life ScientistM. MonotTool DevelopmentDeclinedDepartment of Microbiology
2484Genomic analyses of E. coli strainsA. WesselGenome assemblyVariant analysisMediumClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2479Molecular analysis of muscle stem cellsS. TajbakhshDifferential analysisGenomicsProteomicsTranscriptomicsLongClosedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
2456Transfert annotationsC. BouchierAnnotationShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2436Identification of new cellular parameters involved in HIV-1 integration selectivityM. LAVIGNESequence analysisStatisticsStructural bioinformaticsMediumClosedDepartment of Virology
2426Formatage et soumission de données à l'EBIG. JANBONDatabank submissionShortClosedDepartment of Mycology
2418Détection de variants dans des données NGS (miSeq) de phageL. DEBARBIEUXVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2417Whole-genome sequencing of microbial agents for disease surveillance, outbreak investigation, epidemiology and population biologyS. BrisseGenome assemblyPhylogeneticsStatisticsTaxonomyTool DevelopmentVariant analysisLongClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2416Fast and accurate implementation of the raw read coverage homogenization techniqueA. CriscuoloTool DevelopmentMediumClosedCenters
2409Systems wide analysis of amastigote and promastigote stages of Leishmania donovaniP. PescherData VisualizationDifferential analysisGenomicsMetabolomicsProteomicsTranscriptomicsLongClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
2405Study of lncRNAs in Cryptococcus neoformansG. JanbonDifferential analysisSequence analysisTranscriptome assemblyTranscriptomicsLongClosedDepartment of Mycology
2318Novel regulators of cell wall maintenance in Aspergillus fumigatusS. RajTranscriptomicsDeclinedDepartment of Mycology
2314Host microbiota modification by the pathogen Listeria monocytogenesJ. Pizarro-CerdaShotgun metagenomicsMediumClosedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
2309Mapping of research themes and fields of expertise available in the Institut Pasteur international NetworkA. FontanetData VisualizationTool DevelopmentMediumClosedDepartment of Infection & Epidemiology
2303Development of analysis tools for mate-paired data.C. AxelDeclinedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2294Gene regulation in yeast quiescenceG. Badis-BreardTranscriptomicsDeclinedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2286viral evolution around Ebola Treatment Centre in Macenta and according to disease outcomesC. PicardGenome assemblyVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Virology
2277Transcriptome of Human spermD. Marie-CharlotteRNA-seqMediumClosedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
2267Systems Biology Data Management and Analysis Platform (SYSMAP)B. SchwikowskiTool DevelopmentDeclinedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2266Impact des facteurs épidemiologiques et strategiques sur l'incidence du paludisme à ThièsA. SOWDeclinedOther
2263HIghthroughput CRISPR-Cas9 screen in bacteriaD. BikardCRISPRDifferential analysisLongClosedDepartment of Microbiology
2254MacSyFinder development: models data structureE. RochaTool DevelopmentClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2250Genome-wide replication lanscape of Candida glabrataG. RichardSequence analysisLongClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
2249Phylogenetic analysis of the Leishmania HSP70 protein familyG. SpaethData VisualizationPhylogeneticsShortClosedDepartment of Parasites and Insect Vectors
2243Characterisation of skeletal muscle stem cell properties in distinct physiological statesF. PalaDifferential analysisStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Developmental & Stem Cell Biology
2239Characterization of microevolution in Candida albicans isolatesC. d'EnfertComparative GenomicsData VisualizationGenome assemblyVariant analysisLongClosedDepartment of Mycology
2237Candida albicans population genomicsC. d'EnfertGenome assemblyPhylogeneticsTool DevelopmentVariant analysisLongIn ProgressDepartment of Mycology
2178Evolutionary relationships between giant viruses and eukaryotesP. ForterrePhylogeneticsSequence analysisLongClosedDepartment of Microbiology
1320An automatic pipeline to call SNPs from RNA-seq readsV. RaquinVariant analysisMediumClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
601développement d'un logiciel danalyse sur la base de spade et visneP. CommereSofware development and engineeringDeclinedOther
526Regulation of HIV replication by cellular DNA topologyM. LavigneStructural bioinformaticsShortDeclinedDepartment of Virology
380Genomic approach for the identification of new targets of antimycobacterial drugsM. BUCHIERIVariant analysisShortClosedDepartment of Genome & Genetics
244Mapping the cell surface signature of the developing mouse heartM. ValenteDifferential analysisStatisticsShortClosedDepartment of Immunology
150Sequence alignment – implement algorithm in CC. MacPhersonAlgorithmicsDeclinedOther
148Image-based siRNA and drug screens of infection by the pathogen Listeria monocytogenesJ. Pizarro-CerdaStatisticsMediumDeclinedDepartment of Cell Biology & Infection
131Linking Phenotype to genotype in C. neoformans clinical isolatesA. AlexandreStatisticsVariant analysisMediumClosedDepartment of Mycology