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#10841 : Duplications in bacteriophage genomes.
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Name of Applicant : Luisa De Sordi
Date of application : 11-01-2018
Unit : Molecular Biology of Gene in Extremophiles
Location : Fernbach-3rd floor-3026
Phone : 9272
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Project context and summary :

We recently reported an unusual homologous intra genomic recombination event within the the tail fiber genes of one bacteriophage and shown that is event is conserved in several other tail fiber genes from bacteriophages of the public database. Now, we aim at recording the frequency of this event and its position in the all available bacteriophages genomes.

Related team publications :
De Sordi L, Khanna V, Debarbieux L. The Gut Microbiota Facilitates Drifts in the Genetic Diversity and Infectivity of Bacterial Viruses. Cell Host Microbe. 2017;22(6):801-8 e3
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Project Type : Medium
Status : Closed

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