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#10896 : Prediction of Congenital Infection in Tunisian Pregnant Women
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Name of Applicant : Ben Dhifallah Imene
Date of application : 16-01-2018
Unit : Other
Location : institut pasteur de tunis
Phone : 99326321
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Congenital infections are considered to be as a public health problem. It can affect the unborn fetus and newborn infants and may cause perinatal morbidity and lifelong handicaps. They are generally caused by viruses, bacteria and/or parasites when primary infection occurs during the first months of pregnancy or through the time of delivery. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections are major contributors to prenatal and infant morbidity and mortality. In countries with relatively low socio-economic level, the general population can be infected by CMV viruses during the first years of life; most of women at child-bearing age are already immunized against this infection which minimizes the risk of acquiring the disease during pregnancy. In contrast, in developed countries, the proportion of seronegative women at child-bearing age is high and screening for CMV infection prior to or at the onset of pregnancy is highly recommended. The improvement of the socio-economic status during the last decades may have enhanced the proportion of seronegative women at child-bearing age. This is an interesting subject because Tunisia was concerned by an improvement of the socio-economic status and data on the epidemiology of CMV infection are missing since that. This study is designed to study congenital infections, mainly serological status of CMV that can cause a high-risk pregnancy (HRP) in Tunisian population. Published data concerning susceptibility of pregnant women to Rubella infection are also very rare and having an analysis of rubella at the same time will also provide a useful comparator.

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