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#10966 : Analysis of methylation for HIV patients with co-infections
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Name of Applicant : Yoann Madec
Date of application : 05-02-2018
Unit : Epidemiology of Emerging Diseases
Location : Laveran
Phone : 0140613828
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Project context and summary :

It has been shown that methylation can act as a kind of memory of the immune system. For patients with co-infections, it is of particular importance to know when to begin an anti-retroviral therapy, especially if they are already infected with tuberculosis. The goal of this study is to find hyper or hypo methylated loci related to the reaction of HIV patients (co-infected or not) to different kind of treatments.

Related team publications :
Haridas, V., Pean, P., Jasenosky, L. D., Madec, Y., Laureillard, D., Sok, T., … CAPRI-T (ANRS 12164) Study Team. (2015). TB-IRIS, T-cell activation, and remodeling of the T-cell compartment in highly immunosuppressed HIV-infected patients with TB. AIDS, 29(3), 263–273.
Blanc, F.-X., Sok, T., Laureillard, D., Borand, L., Rekacewicz, C., Nerrienet, E., … Goldfeld, A. E. (2011). Earlier versus Later Start of Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-Infected Adults with Tuberculosis. New England Journal of Medicine, 365(16), 1471–1481.
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Project Type : Short
Status : In Progress

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