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#11075 : characterization of RNA virus populations from untargeted NGS in natural infections samples
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Name of Applicant : Etienne Simon-Loriere
Date of application : 26-02-2018
Unit : Evolutionary Genomics of RNA viruses
Location : 26-05-10B
Phone : 3852
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There is a wide variation in both animal and human risk and outcome of infection, generally encompassing asymptomatic, to more severe and sometimes lethal cases. Dengue virus, a re-emerging arbovirus is a great examples of this, as it lead to a very wide spectrum of disease severity. Genetic variation associated with intrahost populations has been postulated to influence viral fitness and disease pathogenesis. This project aims to characterize the complexity of viral populations in samples from patients affected with different degree of dengue disease severity.

Related team publications :
Distinct lineages of Ebola virus in Guinea during the 2014 West African epidemic. Nature. 2015 Aug 6;524(7563):102-4.
Autochthonous Japanese Encephalitis with Yellow Fever Coinfection in Africa. N Engl J Med. 2017 Apr 13;376(15):1483-1485.
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Status : Closed
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