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#11308 : Transcriptome of epithelial cells challenged with different serotypes of S. pneumoniae
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Name of Applicant : Michael Connor
Date of application : 29-03-2018
Unit : Chromatin and Infection
Location : Calmette - 4
Phone : 0769684161
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The project is to identify differentially modified genes and pathways in epithelia cells when challenged with Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes. S. pneumoniae has >90 different serotypes designated as either “carrier” or “invasive”. Some serotypes of S. pneumoniae are naturally carried within the nasopharynx (carrier), or are opportunistic serotypes that escape the nasopharynx causing disease within the host (invasive). In the case of a carrier serotype, the host is able to clear/control the infection, and develop a memory response to infection. In contrast, an invasive strain subverts the host immune response, leading to disease progression and potentially lethality. These works will extend our knowledge of genes/pathways induced between carriage and invasive serotypes of S. pneumoniae.

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