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#11931 : High-throuput nanobodies (VHH) screening and sequencing
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Name of Applicant : Maria Chiara Marinozzi
Date of application : 25-06-2018
Unit : Antibody Engineering
Location : Biotop 12, first floor, room 03
Phone : 0144389519
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Project context and summary :

Alpacas belong to the family of camelids, which has the peculiarity to produce two kinds of antibodies: conventional antibodies made of heavy and light chains and particular single chain antibodies made of heavy chain only. In these antibodies the antigen recognition domain, called nanobodies or VHH, is monomeric and has the advantage to have high affinity for the antigen and to be smaller and more stable compared to that of conventional antibodies. The gold standard technique to isolate nanobodies against specific target is the phage display. This method is very laborious and time consuming, thus we sought to identify and set-up faster and simpler system for the high-throughput screening of VHH. We would like also to compare methods in term of size and sequence variability and representation. To this aim we want to sequence by NGS the VHH repertoire selected by different approaches.

Related team publications :
Achour et al. 2008, Journal of Immunology
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Status : Declined

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