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#11966 : Dynamic and integrative multidimensional OMICs analysis of the cellular senescence fate
Topics :
Organisms :
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Name of Applicant : Oliver Bischof
Date of application : 05-07-2018
Unit : Nuclear Organization and Oncogenesis
Location : LWOFF 3rd floor 307
Phone : 0140613307
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Project context and summary :

Cellular senescence is a complex stress response that durable (yet not irreversibly) arrests cell proliferation and is accompanied by widespread changes in chromatin structure, metabolism and gene expression including the production and secretion of a plethora of inflammatory factors. Cellular senescence plays beneficial roles during embryonic development, tissue regeneration, and tumor suppression. Paradoxically, it is also considered a major contributor to aging and age-related diseases, the latter mostly through its inflammatory phenotype, the so-called SASP (senescence-associated secretory phenotype). The proposed work aims at integrating time-resolved transcriptome, ChIP-seq, and ATAC-seq datasets into a comprehensive understanding of senescence-associated gene regulation.

Related team publications :
Puvvula PK, Desetty RD, Pineau PP, Marchio A, Moon A, Dejean A, Bischof O (2014). Long Noncoding RNA PANDA and Scaffold-Attachment-Factor SAFA Control Senescence Entry and Exit. Nat Commun 5: 5:5323. doi: 10.1038/ncomms6323.
Benhamed M, Herbig U. Dejean A. and Bischof O. (2012). Senescence is an Endogenous Trigger for MicroRNA-Mediated Transcriptional Gene Silencing in Human Cells. Nat. Cell Biol. 14(3): 266-75. doi: 10.1038/ncb2443.
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Project Type : Long
Status : Closed

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