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#12246 : functional enrichment of RNA processing factors associated with proteins of influenza viruses
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Name of Applicant : Caroline Demeret
Date of application : 26-09-2018
Unit : Molecular Genetics of RNA Viruses
Location : F.Jacob-4th floor-room 26-04-10-B
Phone : 01 45 68 85 26
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A protein-protein interaction screen has been done beween viral proteins of influenza A viruses and a library of about 100 human factors invovled in RNA processing through RNA exonucleases activity. 20 factors were identified as interactors of viral proteins. To see if this targeting corresponds to specific RNA metabolism focntions of the cell, we analysed using Cytoscape the first neighbors of these factors in the human ORFeome. We then compared using the ClueGo pluging the functional enrichment of the factors targeted by viral factors and the functional enrichment of the non-interacting subset. We need now a statistical analysis of the results the functional enrichment comparison, which is required for further progress of the ongoing research project.

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Project Type : Short
Status : Awaiting Publication

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