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#12401 : Comparison of matrices of antibody gene usage
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Name of Applicant : Pierre BRUHNS
Date of application : 16-10-2018
Unit : Antibodies in Therapy and Pathology
Location : Metchnikof - 4th floor - office 4009
Phone : 0145688629
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Project context and summary :

Our goal is to have a bioinformatic tool that performs the 2 x 2 comparison of matrices of numbers in matrix batches. Each matrix corresponds to the use of gene fragments (V or J) to create a re-arranged gene (VJ) encoding a specific antibody, identified by droplet microfluidic or flow cytometry techniques followed by high throughput sequencing (NGS). ). The matrices are made for the two chains encoding the specificity of an antibody: the heavy chain (VH) or the light chain (VL). The goal is to compare VH matrices one against another, and VL matrices one against another for antibody gene rearrangements in mice, llama, and humans.

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Project Type : Medium
Status : Pending

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