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#12618 : Cellular plasticity during mammary gland development
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Name of Applicant : HAN LI
Date of application : 23-11-2018
Unit : Cellular Plasticity And Disease Modelling
Location : Monod-1st-07C
Phone : 8485
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The development of the mammary gland occurs in five distinct phases: embryogenesis, puberty, pregnancy, lactation, and involution. Due to its extraordinary regenerative capacity, the mammary epithelium is a fantastic system to study the physiological regulation of cellular plasticity in vivo. It comprises two major cellular lineages, the outer myoepithelial (also called basal) and inner luminal cell layers. Although the existence of post-natal bipotent mammary stem cells (MaSCs) remains debatable, it is well accepted that there are subtypes of epithelial cells (progenitors, unipotent and/or bipotent stem cells) that are responsible for the remodeling and renewal of the mammary gland. Moreover, these cells have also been suggested to be the cell of breast cancer origin. Therefore, it is crucial to further understand how mammary gland maintains its proper cellular plasticity, especially during the cycles of pregnancy and involution, which might shed new lights on the initiation, progression, and metastasis of breast cancer.

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Project Type : Short
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