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#12641 : Functional interactomics of SKAP2
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Name of Applicant : Jean-François Bureau
Date of application : 03-12-2018
Unit : Functional Genetics of Infectious Diseases
Location : Batiment F Jacob 5ième étage 26-05-11A
Phone : 0145688962
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Project context and summary :

The SRC Kinase Adaptor Phosphoprotein 2 (SKAP2), a broadly expressed protein with some higher expression in haematological lineages recruiting protein partners to specific subcellular domains, plays a central role in multiple physiological processes in relation with cell migration. We have linked this gene in interaction with CNTNAP5 to susceptibility to Dengue Shock Syndrome in a cohort of Vietnamese patients. By coupling a yeast-two-hybrid screen with a luciferase complementation assay and mutagenesis, we would like to understand how are the different functions of SKAP2 modulated by protein-protein interactions (PPI). We will also study SKAP1 paralog, which has similar but non-redundant functions, to compare their PPIs. The hub will have to analyze these multidimensional data to statistically validate which function is affected by each PPI and SKAP2 mutation and define common patterns. One goal of these analyses will be to define new hypotheses in particular for characterizing binding sites that will be secondary tested.

Related team publications :
Bureau J-F, Cassonnet P, Grange L, Dessapt J, Jones L, Demeret C, Sakuntabhai A and Jacob Y. The SRC-family tyrosine kinase HCK shapes the landscape of SKAP2 interactome. Oncotarget. 2018; 9(17):13102-13115.
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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed

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