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#12992 : Genomic DNA sequencing of Burkholderia ambifaria Q53 strain isolated from peanut rizospheric soil
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Name of Applicant : Mathilde BEN ASSAYA
Date of application : 25-02-2019
Unit : Structural Microbiology
Location : 67-03-35
Phone : 3984
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Burkholderia ambifaria bacteria are uiquituos microorganisms present in different environmental sources. Particularly these bacteria have been found to be frequently isolated from rhizospheric soils of a wide variety of plants. Burkholderia bacteria have been proved to be benificial to the plants by improving their growth trough different mechanisms. The B. ambifaria Q53 strain was isolated from the rizosphere of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.). This leguminous plant is a very important crop in many countries around the world. The searching for clean environmental strategies to improve the productivity of the crops becomes an important issue of study for plant in general and peanut in particular. B. ambifaria Q53 strain has been tested in lab assays to have several mechanism of plant growth promotion including the increasing and availability of nutrients (phosphorus; nitrogen; ferrum) as well as the protection against fungus pathogenic agents. To achieve these mechanisms bacteria have to efficiently colonize the plant rizosphere. To do that bacteria communicate with each other by a mechanism dependent on the production and self detection of an autoinducer signal. In this way bacteria population is able to collectivelly regulate a subset of particular genes driving to global patterns of bacterial behaviour. Knowing and the genome sequence of this bacterium represents a key for studying and understanding the role of environmental burkholderias in the process of interaction with the plants.

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