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#13078 : Determination of the transcriptome controlled by the two-component system BvrR/BvrS using dominant positive and negative BvrR mutants
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Name of Applicant : Javier PIZARRO-CERDA
Date of application : 19-03-2019
Unit : Yersinia
Location : Duclaux - 1st floor - Room 01A
Phone : 01 4568 8326
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Project context and summary :

Our project is focused on the intracellular life of Brucella abortus, the causative agent of bovine brucellosis. B. abortus is a facultative extracellular-intracellular pathogen that upon infection of its mammalian host, invades professional phagocytes in which the bacterium transits into the Brucella-containing vacuole and reaches its replicative niche, the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). A key element required for B. abortus intracellular replication is the BvrR/BvrS two-component system. Previous results support a model where B. abortus, upon entrance to host cells, senses the transition from the extracellular to the intracellular milieu through BvrR/BvrS (Altamirano-Silva et al, 2018). Intracellularly, the regulatory protein BvrR is activated by phosphorylation in response to intracellular cues found in early compartments, such as low pH and nutrient deprivation. BvrR activation triggers the expression of virulence factors as the Type Four Secretion System, VirB, essential for trafficking to the ER. We intend to analyse the transcriptome of BvrR dominant positive and negative BvrR mutants (by comparing to the wild type transcriptome) in order to understand the set of factors regulated by modulating the expression of this system.

Related team publications :
Chaves-Olarte E1, Guzmán-Verri C, Méresse S, Desjardins M, Pizarro-Cerdá J, Badilla J, Gorvel JP, Moreno E. Activation of Rho and Rab GTPases dissociates Brucella abortus internalization from intracellular trafficking. Cell Microbiol. 2002 Oct;4(10):663-76
Sola-Landa A, Pizarro-Cerdá J, Grilló MJ, Moreno E, Moriyón I, Blasco JM, Gorvel JP, López-Goñi I. A two-component regulatory system playing a critical role in plant pathogens and endosymbionts is present in Brucella abortus and controls cell invasion and virulence. Eur J Biochem. 1998 Apr 15;253(2):452-61.
Altamirano-Silva P, Meza-Torres J, Castillo-Zeledón A, Ruiz-Villalobos N, Zuñiga-Pereira AM, Chacón-Díaz C, Moreno E, Guzmán-Verri C, Chaves-Olarte E. Brucella abortus senses the intracellular environment through the two-component system BvrR/BvrS allowing the adaptation to its replicative niche. Infect Immun. 2018 Jan 29. pii: IAI.00713-17.
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Project Type : Coaching
Status : Awaiting Publication

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