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#13267 : Analysis of Internal Deletions in EV71
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Name of Applicant : Bjoern Meyer
Date of application : 17-05-2019
Unit : Viral Populations and Pathogenesis
Location : Centre Fran├žois Jacob, 26-05-09b
Phone : 9148
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Project context and summary :

We passaged EV71 in cell culture, followed by RNAseq analysis. The sequences were analysed for the presence of internal deletions within the viral genome. Such deletions can contribute to non-homologous and homologous recombination within Enteroviruses, which can have positive effects, such as the purging of deleterious mutations or to overcome host restrictions. On the other hand such deletions could result in the formation of defective interfering particles (DIs), which have the ability to interfere with wildtype virus infections and thus, reduce viral loads in ongoing infections. We aim to get a better understanding of these events during viral replication that can aid us to identify DIs and can help us explore these special forms of virus genome deletions as potential therapeutic agents.

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Project Type : Short
Status : Pending

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