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#13292 : The anti-IgE antibody Omalizumab induces adverse reactions through engagement of Fc gamma receptors
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Name of Applicant : Bianca Balbino
Date of application : 03-06-2019
Unit : Antibodies in Therapy and Pathology
Location : Metchnikoff - 4eme etage - room 4006A
Phone : 9146
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The therapeutic anti-IgE antibody Omalizumab is used for the treatment of severe asthma, and is known to trigger anaphylaxis in some patients. Since Omalizumab is a humanized IgG1, so we hypothesized that Omalizumab could trigger anaphylaxis through the alternative FcgR-mediated pathway. Indeed, we observed that Omalizumab can trigger anaphylaxis in genetically modified mice expressing human FcgRs. We further produced a mutant version of Omalizumab which can still block IgE but cannot bind FcgRs, and demonstrated that this mutant anti-IgE does not induce FcgR-mediated anaphylaxis.

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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed
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