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#13305 : Characterization of the bacterial and fungal microbiota in Aedes aegypti natural breeding sites and larvae
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Name of Applicant : Louis LAMBRECHTS
Date of application : 10-06-2019
Unit : Insect-Virus Interactions
Location : 26-04-07B
Phone : 0140613497
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Project context and summary :

Although the microbiota of mosquitoes is known to play an important role in their vectorial capacity for human pathogens, most earlier studies have focused on mosquito-bacteria interactions at the adult stage. Mosquitoes are holometabolous insects whose larvae develop in aquatic habitats, whereas the adults are terrestrial. Larval and adult stages are not independent from each other because the larval environment can influence adult life-history traits through carry-over effects. We recently provided experimental evidence for such carry-over effects in the mosquito Aedes aegypti, the main vector of dengue, yellow fever and Zika viruses. Using gnotobiotic mosquitoes, we demonstrated that larval exposure to different bacteria can cause variation in Ae. aegypti adult traits underlying vectorial capacity (Dickson et al. 2017). This proof of principle is an important first step toward a more comprehensive understanding of how the environment shapes the risk of vector-borne disease. However, the larval microbiota has not been thoroughly characterized across ecologically diverse breeding sites in the field. The aim of this project is to characterize the bacterial and fungal microbiota of Ae. aegypti breeding sites and larvae in Gabon using targeted metagenomics and metatranscriptomics.

Related team publications :
Dickson LB, Jiolle D, Minard G, Moltini-Conclois I, Volant S, Ghozlane A, Bouchier C, Ayala D, Paupy C, Valiente Moro C, Lambrechts L (2017) Carryover effects of larval exposure to different environmental bacteria drives adult trait variation in a mosquito vector. Science Advances 3(8): e17005085.
Dickson LB, Ghozlane A, Volant S, Bouchier C, Ma L, Vega-RĂșa A, Dusfour I, Jiolle D, Paupy C, Mayanja MN, Kohl A, Lutwama JJ, Duong V, Lambrechts L (2018) Diverse laboratory colonies of Aedes aegypti harbor the same adult midgut bacterial microbiome. Parasites and Vectors 11(1): 207.
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Status : Pending
Publication : 10.1371/journal.pgen.1008794

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