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#13401 : Identification of mouse skin macrophage subpopulations
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Name of Applicant : Dorian OBINO
Date of application : 11-07-2019
Unit : Pathogenesis of vascular infections
Location : Fran├žois Jacob - 1st floor - 26-01-7A
Phone : 0145688361
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Project context and summary :

The global aim of the project is to characterize and explore the role of dermal macrophage populations in the control of vascular integrity in health and diseases. Currently, we are limited by the lack of population-specific markers that would allow us to study them down to the molecular level. We thus propose to perform a single cell gene expression analysis on pan leukocytes (CD45+) isolated from mouse skin dermis and epidermis in order to identify and define the genetic signature of the steady-state dermal macrophage subpopulations.

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Project Type : Medium
Status : In Progress

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