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#14071 : MacSyFinder 2.0
Topics :
Organisms :
Group :
Name of Applicant : Eduardo Rocha
Date of application : 21-09-2019
Unit : Microbial Evolutionary Genomics
Location : BFJ-6ème
Phone : 01 40 61 33 53‬
@ Mail :

Project context and summary :

MacSyFinder is a framework to model and detect macromolecular systems in genomes using decision rules (gene content and architecture) and similarity searches (protein profiles). It was initially developed at GEM by Sophie Abby with the help of Bertrand Néron and Hervé Ménager. The generic program - MacSyFinder - and its associated tools developed subsequently (i.e., CapsuleFinder, CasFinder, CONJscan, TXSScan) were pivotal in several recent analyses performed and published by our unit (Perrin, Nat Commun, 17;; Cury, NAR, 17;; Oliveira, Nat Commun, 17;; Rendueles, Plos Path, 17;; Bernheim, Nat Commun, in press). These resources have been recently integrated in Galaxy and are significantly used (~3000 jobs on Galaxy this year). To ensure its continuous success and usefulness, MacSyFinder needs to be adapted to new technologies and to be improved with some novel features. In this project, we propose to develop MacSyFinder to make it more portable and lasting, implement novel important features, modernize its distribution and deployment, and improve its visualization tool (MacSyView).

Related team publications :
Abby, S. S., J. Cury, J. Guglielmini, B. Neron, M. Touchon, and E. P. Rocha. 2016. 'Identification of protein secretion systems in bacterial genomes', Sci Rep, 6: 23080.
Abby, S. S., B. Neron, H. Menager, M. Touchon, and E. P. Rocha. 2014. 'MacSyFinder: a program to mine genomes for molecular systems with an application to CRISPR-Cas systems', PLoS One, 9: e110726.
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Project Type : Long
Status : In Progress

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