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#14337 : Long-term preservation of a Campylobacter fetus strain and genomic stability
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Name of Applicant : Dominique Clermont
Date of application : 08-10-2019
Unit : Collection of the Institut Pasteur (CIP)
Location : Duclaux Aile Fourneau RCB room 05C
Phone : 0140613119
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Project context and summary :

Ensuring good storage conditions is fundamental for a long-term conservation of bacterial strains. Freeze-drying, freezing, and liquid nitrogen are methods the most frequently used for long term storage. The effectiveness of these different methods to ensure the stability of the genetic characteristics of the bacterial strains over the long term preservation needs to be evaluated. The submitted project aims to see what impact has the long term preservation at the genomic level and if the different batches (frozen, in liquid nitrogen or freeze-dried) of the strain Campylobacter fetus CIP 53.96) are the same.

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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed

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