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#14643 : Plasmodium vivax Invasion Pathways into Human Reticulocytes - VIPers
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Name of Applicant : Didier Menard
Date of application : 07-01-2020
Unit : Other
Location : Nicolle 2eme etage
Phone : +33 1 44 38 91 35
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Project context and summary :

In this project, we aim to identify P. vivax ligands involved in host cell invasion and understand how P. vivax has gained the capacity to infect reticulocytes from Duffy-negative individuals. Our strategy will be based on a 2-step approach by taking full advantage of next-generation sequencing and functional biological analysis (including in vitro invasion assays and infection in humanized mice) and by availing our access to P. vivax isolates from both Duffy-negative and Duffy-positive vivax malaria patients in Madagascar. This strategy should explore and charactere the full repertoire of parasite ligands involved in invasion of human reticulocytes in Malagasy malaria endemic settings where two human populations with distinct Duffy blood group phenotypes (Duffy-negative and Duffy-positive) are frequently exposed to P. vivax. The main objectives of this project are to uncover the molecular basis for the ability of P. vivax to infect reticulocytes from Duffy-positive and Duffy-negative individuals by identifying and defining the role of parasite ligands (including erythrocyte binding proteins (PvEBPs) and reticulocyte binding proteins (PvRBPs)) in mediating invasion and explore the feasibility of targeting combinations of P. vivax invasion related proteins with antibodies to block invasion with high efficiency.

Related team publications :
Plasmodium vivax transcriptomes reveal stage-specific chloroquine response and differential regulation of male and female gametocytes, Kim A, Popovici J, Menard D, Serre D","Nature communications",'2019
16,"Genetic diversity in two Plasmodium vivax protein ligands for reticulocyte invasion","Roesch C, Popovici J, Bin S, Run V, Kim S, Ramboarina S, Rakotomalala E, Rakotoarison RL, Rasoloharimanana T, Andriamanantena Z, Kumar A, Guillotte-Blisnick M, Huon C, Serre D, Chitnis CE, Vigan-Womas I, Menard D","PLoS neglected tropical diseases",'2018
20,"Recrudescence, reinfection or relapse? A more rigorous framework to assess chloroquine efficacy for vivax malaria","Popovici J, Pierce-Friedrich L, Kim S, Bin S, Run V, Lek D, Hor Daryl HK, Lee Soon-U L, Cannon MV, Serre D, Menard D","The Journal of infectious diseases",'2018-
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Project Type : Coaching
Status : Pending

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