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#148 : Image-based siRNA and drug screens of infection by the pathogen Listeria monocytogenes
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Name of Applicant : Javier Pizarro-Cerda
Date of application : 15-04-2015
Unit : Bacteria-Cell Interactions
Location : Bâtiment Roux, Rez-de-chaussée, Pièce 16A
Phone : 0140613779
@ Mail :

Project context and summary :

In the context of the swiss consortion InfectX (, we performed siRNA and drug screens to investigate the invasion of host cells by the bacterial pathogen Listeria monocytogenes. As a primary readout for infection we detected by fluorescence microscopy the presence of the bacterially-secreted protein InlC, which accumulates in the cytoplasm of infected cells (Kühbacher et al. 2013). A first manuscript concerning the analysis of a kinome-wide siRNA library and a drug library has been published recently (Rämö et al. 2014) and the analysis of a genome-wide siRNA screen has been submitted for publication (Kühbacher et al. In Revision), in which major signaling pathways subverted by L. monocytogenes are identified. However, besides the presence of InlC, many other features have been measured in infected cells including InlC intensity, bacterial distribution in host cells, actin morphology and distribution, cellular replication state, cellular context of infected cells, etc. We intend to analyze the full set of measured parameters in order to identify global signaling cascades subverted by L. monocytogenes for infection or used by the cell to control bacterial proliferation.

Related team publications :
Kühbacher, A., E. Gouin, J. Mercer, M. Emmenaluer, C. Dehio, P. Cossart & Pizarro-Cerdá, J. 2013. Imaging lnlC secretion to investigate cellular infection by the bacterial pathogen Listeria monocytogenes. Journal of Visual Experiments 79: e51043.
Kühbacher, A., M. Emmenlauer, P. Rämo, C. Dehio, P. Cossart & J. Pizarro-Cerdá. Genome-wide siRNA screen for L. monocytogenes entry within mammalian epithelial cells. In Revision.
Rämö, P., A. Drewek, C. Arrieumerlou, N. Beerenwinkel, H. Ben-Tekaya, A. Casanova, G. Csucs, R. Conde-Alvarez, P. Cossart, N. Daga, C. Dehio, E. Delgado-Eckert, S. Dilling, S. Eicher, M. Emmenlauer, A. Franceschini, U. Greber, W.-D. Hardt, A. Helenius, P. Horvath, B. Hullar, E. Hunt, Jurgeit, C. Kasper, A. Kauffman, K. Kozak, S. Kreibich, A. Kühbacher, P. Kunszt, S. Low, J. Mercer, C. von Mering, D. Mudrak, S. Muntwiler, L. Pelkmans, J. Pizarro-Cerdá, M. Podvinec, E. Pujadas, T. Pylak, P. Rämö, B. Rinn, V. Rouilly, J. Siebourg, M. Stebler, B. Snijder, M. Truttmann & A. Vonderheit. 2014. Simultaneous analysis of large-scale RNAi screens for pathogen entry. BMC Genomics 15:1162.
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Project Type : Medium
Status : Declined

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