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#14968 : Analysis of microbiota in Anopheles mosquitoes
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Name of Applicant : Patricia BALDACCI
Date of application : 22-01-2020
Unit : Center for Production and Infection of Anopheles
Location : 25 Frères Sergent, 1er étage pièce 07
Phone : 3656
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Project context and summary :

Cepia mass produces two species of Anopheles mosquitoes for research teams studying malaria. The aim of this project is to assess 1) whether or not the compostion of the bacterial microbiota fluctuates over time and if so to what extent ; 2) if there are significant variations can these be correlated with the degree of infectability by plasmodium parasites and/or the fitness of the mosquitoes (measured by their survival rate).

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Status : Pending

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