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#15067 : Building a database with a pattern mining system designed for virus nucleic acid data
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Name of Applicant : Richard Paul
Date of application : 02-03-2020
Unit : Functional Genetics of Infectious Diseases
Location : François Jacob - 6th Floor
Phone : 0140613626
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Project context and summary :

Because of the increasing biological data generated due to next-generation sequencing of the genetic material of organisms, storing and analyzing these data have become challenging both for molecular biologists and computer scientists. Here, we propose to design a system that attempts to solve this from building a secure repository up to designing algorithms that process sequences to produce biological insights, particularly mining for sequential patterns present in the sequences. Discovering sequence motifs/patterns has been essential to computational biologists as it is helpful in understanding protein function, structure, and evolution. Given the data generated from the project “A Study of Mosquitoes of Makiling Forest Reserve Areas with Characteristic Land Use and Survey of their Arbovirus Diversity through Vector-enabled Virome Sequencing” (funded by the Department of Science and Technology - Philippine Council of Health Research and Development; DOST-PCHRD) of Dr. Bautista, using the assembled contigs or even substantial portion of viruses’ full genome, we can take a look at the dynamics of genetics of viruses over time when analyzed alongside other publicly available sequences. This is a collaborative project between the University of the Philippines and Institut Pasteur in the context of this funded project that includes btoh partners. Our wish is for the Philippines bioinformatics engineer involved seeks guidance of the development their databse that may eventually be housed at Institut Pasteur.

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