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#16696 : Regulation of nasopharyngeal microbiome in normal healthy individuals
Topics :
Organisms :
Group :
Name of Applicant : James Di Santo
Date of application : 28-01-2021
Unit : Innate Immunity
Location : Metchnikoff 4th floor 4043
Phone : poste X 8209
@ Mail :

Project context and summary :

Immune responses are conditioned by host genetics as well as environmental stimuli that include disease-causing pathogens but also a diverse community of commensal micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses). However, we still have little information on how immune reactivity is regulated in normal healthy humans. Knowledge in this arena is critical since it could lead to experimental approaches that might impact on the amplitude and duration of immune responses against pathogenic infections. A better understanding of the regulation of mucosal responsiveness can have a major impact on the development and implementation of future vaccine candidates as well as the regulation of systemic diseases, including metabolic, allergic, autoimmune, and psychiatric disorders, which are now suggested to be associated with the perturbation of the normal commensal microbiota.

Related team publications :
Goncalves P, Charbit B, Lenoir C; Milieu Interieur Consortium, Duffy D, Fischer A, Di Santo JP. (2020) Antibody-coated microbiota in nasopharynx of healthy individuals.... The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 145:1686-1690.
Scepanovic P, Hodel F, Mondot S, Partula V, Byrd A, Hammer C, Alanio C, Bergstedt J, Patin E, Touvier M, Lantz O, Albert ML, Duffy D, Quintana-Murci L, Fellay J; Milieu Intérieur. (2019) A comprehensive assessment of demographic, environmental, and host genetic associations with gut microbiome diversity in healthy individuals. Microbiom. 7:130.
Guenin-Macé L, Morel JD, Doisne JM, Schiavo A, Boulet L, Mayau V, Goncalves P, Duchatelet S, Hovnanian A, Bondet V, Duffy D, Ungeheuer MN, Delage M, Nassif A, Di Santo JP, Demangel C. (2020) Dysregulation of tryptophan catabolism at the host-skin microbiota interface in hidradenitis suppurativa. Journal of Clinical Investigation - Insight 5:e140598.
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Project Manager :
Project Type : Medium
Status : Pending
Publication : 10.1038/s41590-021-01028-7

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