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#16769 : Asymmetric heart morphogenesis
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Name of Applicant : BERNHEIM Ségolène
Date of application : 19-02-2021
Unit : Heart Morphogenesis
Location : Institut Imagine- 420
Phone : 0676385164
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Project context and summary :

Establishment of a left-right asymmetry is essential for the function of the heart, which is to ensure a double blood circulation. This asymmetry is initiated during an embryonic process, in which the heart tube acquires a loop shape. The molecular cascade at the origin of left-right asymmetry is well established and involved in the severe heart defects of the heterotaxy syndrome. However, another 20% of heart malformations display cardiac chamber misalignment and their origin is poorly understood. Using a mutant mouse model and expertise in heart morphogenesis, we want to provide novel insight into malformations displaying an abnormal alignment of ventricles.

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Project Type : Long
Status : In Progress

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