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#16799 : JASS 2 : Integrating functional annotation to a multi-trait GWAS web application
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Name of Applicant : HANNA JULIENNE
Date of application : 25-02-2021
Unit : Statistical Genetics
Location : 5th floor Yersin Building
Phone : +33783371384
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Project context and summary :

JASS is a python package that handles the computation of the joint statistics over sets of selected GWAS results, and the interactive exploration of the results through a web interface ( The functionalities of the current web interface include: the interactive visualization of multi-trait GWAS results, the sharing of results through a permanent link and generation of static summary plots. This work and its accompanying tools has been described in a publication (Julienne et al, 2020). However, the web interface present several shortcomings that may impede its wider adoption throughout the scientific community. Key additional information could help contextualize the multi-trait GWAS results such as the gene positions or the linkage disequilibrium with the lead SNPs. The interface ergonomics is overall perfectible as we would like to allow for user with a specific biological question to launch computation and visualize results only on their region of interest.

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Project Type : Medium
Status : In Progress

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