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#16959 : Imprinting by immune cross regulation modulate airway allergic inflammation
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Name of Applicant : Jaechan RYU
Date of application : 20-05-2021
Unit : Microenvironment and Immunity
Location : Mechnikoff-RDC-33
Phone : 3732
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Project context and summary :

There are papain treated and papain+CPG treated group. From mouse lung tissue, I'd like to find out the target cell and their key molecule through scRNAseq and receptor-ligand analysis. When I get the target cell, I want to do ATACseq (or scATACseq) of target cell to see if memory of previous exposure to inflammatory stimuli represented by chromatin accessibility and which has something to do with 2nd exposure of same allergen.

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Project Type : Medium
Status : Pending

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