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#17009 : Codon usage dependent translation and antibiotic stress in V. cholerae.
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Name of Applicant : Zeynep Baharoglu
Date of application : 10-06-2021
Unit : Bacterial Genome Plasticity
Location : duclaux 2
Phone : 01 86 46 73 84
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Project context and summary :

The aim of this study is to shed light into novel mechanisms which increase antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Gram negative bacteria. In order to gain insight into new mechanisms involved in development of AMR, we study the strategies undertaken by Gram negative bacteria in response to low antibiotic stress, and particularly the role codon bias. Our preliminary results point to a role of codon usage in the survival to low antibiotics targeting various functions. Differences in codon decoding may mpact adaptation and survival to changing environments. We will explore the proteome of V. cholerae to search for protein groups with particular codon biases, expected to impact their translation in the presence of antibiotics.

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Project Type : Medium
Status : In Progress

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