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#17058 : Development of a contributor management webpage for iPPI-DB.
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Name of Applicant : Olivier Sperandio
Date of application : 21-06-2021
Unit : Structural Bioinformatics
Location : Lwoff - RDC - Room29
Phone : 9317
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Project context and summary :

We have recently developed and published our last version of iPPI-DB (, our database of protein-protein interactions modulators. Thanks to the group of Hervé Ménager, the database is now hosted at Institut Pasteur and is completely remodeled, with a new web interface. As for many other databases, its success and interest for the community rely on the constant input of new data. For this, we also designed a contributor mode that allows anyone to add published data from the literature using the iPPI-DB interface directly. In order to manage properly the visibility of our contributors, we would need to add a contributor management webpage. As contributors are asked to log in using their ORCID ID, the idea is to use such an ID to depict the individual contributions of each contributor. It could first acquire some data from the ORCID website, and also nicely summarize the publications that each contributor has entered in iPPI-DB. The goal is evidently to convince more and more people to help us maintain iPPI-DB. As now,

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Status : In Progress

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