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#17079 : Comparing viral replication of intergenotypic hepatitis C virus Core recombinants
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Name of Applicant : Emeline Simon
Date of application : 29-06-2021
Unit : Molecular Genetics of RNA Viruses
Location : Borrel -1
Phone : +33140613124
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Project context and summary :

Using reverse genetics, we produced recombinant viruses within a prototypic HCV strain backbone, by substituting its core coding sequence by the equivalent sequences from from clinical isolates of different HCV genotypes. To verify that heterologous core sequences did not impair cross-talk with prototypic viral elements and could be used for comparative studies, we monitored the viral replication of our set of core intergenotypic viruses. For this, we quantified the amount of intracellular viral RNA, secreted genomes and infectious titers at different time points following infection of hepatoma cells with the recombinant viruses.

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Project Type : Short
Status : In Progress

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