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#17102 : Development of a secure API for ARIAweb
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Name of Applicant : Benjamin Bardiaux
Date of application : 02-07-2021
Unit : Structural Bioinformatics
Location : Lwoff (22), RDC, 18
Phone : 01 40 61 38 84
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Project context and summary :

Last year, we have developed the ARIAweb server for automated NMR structure calculation. The server was well received by the community (200+ users and ~1400 jobs performed) as of today. ARIAweb offers an interface for data conversion and interactive setup of ARIA calculations. Somme years ago, developers of NMR related software agreed on a new standard for storage of NMR data used in structure calculation, called NEF (NMR Exchange Format). The Structural Bioinformatics, as developer of ARIA committed to adhere to this new standard. A version of ARIA has been developed to read and write NEF files that will allow easy exchange of data and construction pipelines between various NMR software, all using the same NEF format. Since ARIAweb is the only online service for structure calculation from NMR data, we would like to allow other software/servers using NEF to interc-communicate more easily with ARIAweb. The purpose of this project is to develop an application programming interface (API) within the Django framework of ARIAweb to allow for i) user authentication, ii) upload of NEF file along with few parameters in JSON format, iii) submission of job and status tracking and iv) retrieval of results. This API will make ARIAweb a new central hub for other NMR applications (such as the CCPN software suite,

Related team publications :
Allain et al. ARIAweb: a server for automated NMR structure calculation. Nucleic Acids Res. 2020 Jul 2;48(W1):W41-W47
Gutmanas, Adams, Bardiaux et al. NMR Exchange Format: a unified and open standard for representation of NMR restraint data. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2015 Jun;22(6):433-4.
Service Delivery
Project Manager :
Project Type : Medium
Status : In Progress

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