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#17210 : QTL mapping using new mouse reference genetic populations
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Name of Applicant : Jean Jaubert
Date of application : 08-07-2021
Unit : Mouse Genetics
Location : 67-S1-23A
Phone : +33144389517
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Project context and summary :

New mouse genetic reference populations obtained from 8 distinct founder strains, including 3 wild-derived strains, have been developped since the 2000s and are now available. These populations captured around 95% of the existing murine genetic diversity and constitute a better model than standard inbred laboratory mouse strains. These populations constitute tools to identify new phenotypes and to map the causative genetic variants (QTL mapping) behind these phenotypes. These populations include : i) Collaborative Cross (CC) inbred strains; ii) Recombinant inbred between CCs (CC-RIXs) and iii) Diversity Outbred. These populations are specifically used in the Mouse Genetics Laboratory to identify new variants involved in host susceptiblity differences to pathogens.

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Status : Pending

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