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#17578 : Regulation of IL23R expression
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Name of Applicant : Elisabetta Bianchi
Date of application : 04-10-2021
Unit : Immunoregulation
Location : metchnikoff 5th floor
Phone : 40613827
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Project context and summary :

Chronic inflammatory diseases (CID) are clinically heterogeneous conditions that share common inflammatory pathways and derive from aberrant immune responses. Genome-wide association studies (GWAS), together with mouse models of autoimmune disease, demonstrated the implication of the IL-23 cytokine pathway in several CID. The overall goal of our work is to improve our understanding of the role of IL-23 in the pathophysiology of CIDs, such as axial spondyloarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and psoriasis. The specific question we want to address with this project is how is expression of the IL-23 receptor regulated in T cell populations.

Related team publications :
S. Menegatti, V. Guillemot, E. Latis, H. Yahia-Cherbal, D. Mittermüller, V. Rouilly, E. Mascia, N. Rosine, S. Koturan, G. A. Millot, C. Leloup, D. Duffy, A. Gleizes, S. Hacein-Bey-Abina, Milieu Interieur Consortium, J. Sellam, F. Berenbaum, C. Miceli-Richard, M. Dougados, E. Bianchi, L. Rogge. Ann Rheum Dis. 2020 Dec 2;80(4):475-86. doi: 10.1136/annrheumdis-2020-218304. Online ahead of print (2020).
Yahia-Cherbal, H, Rybczynska M, Lovecchio D, Stephan T, Lescoat C, Placek K, Larghero J, Rogge L, Bianchi E* NFAT primes the human RORC locus for RORt expression in CD4+ T cells Nature Communications, 2019;10(1):4698.
Bianchi E, Rogge L. The IL-23/IL-17 pathway in human chronic inflammatory diseases-new insight from genetics and targeted therapies. Genes Immun. 2019 May;20(5):415-425. doi: 10.1038/s41435-019-0067-y.
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Status : In Progress

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