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#17619 : CORSER-4 Cohort Study: Assessment of the humoral immune response to COVID-19 vaccination in each subpopulation defined by type of vaccination regimen, at 1-3-6-12-24 months
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Name of Applicant : BERNARD Marie-Charlotte
Date of application : 22-10-2021
Unit : Center for Translational Science
Location : CIS 3rd Floor
Phone : 06 64 61 57 17
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Vaccines against COVID-19 have been developed for use as homologous two-dose regimens and several of them have demonstrated efficacy. There is limited data on the clinical and the immune response induced by heterologous vaccination regimens (HVR) using alternate vaccine modalities. CORSER-4 is a Viro-Immunology cohort promoted by the Institut Pasteur that will follow-up subjects from the time they receive a prime vaccine dose or a boosting dose. We determined subjects sub-groups of interest defined by the type of vaccine immunization they receive: (i) Heterologous two-dose vaccine regimen, the less frequently used at the moment, (ii) Homologous two-dose vaccine regimen, the more frequently used; (iii) One-dose vaccine regimen and (iv) Infectious-prime vaccine-boost immunization in COVID-19-experienced patients. The subject will be enrolled on the planed last boost injection visit and 5 Follow-up visits will be further conducted (Month1, M3, M6, M12 and M24). We will collect longitudinal clinical data and biological samples. We will explore Viral and Immune Response in sera, nasopharyngeal secretions and in saliva samples. We will assess the immune response obtained by various vaccination regimen against the reference strains and the variants of concern, and the durability of the humoral and cellular response. In addition, we will document any occurring acute infection episode with a supplemental unscheduled visit in order to detect an emerging variant viral strain. Altogether, the CORSER-4 project constitutes an opportunity to evaluate early anti-SARS-CoV-2 immunity in heterologous (and others) vaccine regimens and to estimate their efficacy and their sustainable (M24) protection against circulating virus strains (reference and variants).

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Project Type : Medium
Status : In Progress

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