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#17778 : Codon Usage Bias Analysis in Vibrio
Topics :
Organisms :
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Name of Applicant : Marie-Eve KENNEDY-VAL
Date of application : 07-12-2021
Unit : Bacterial Genome Plasticity
Location : Fourneau - 2 - 22
Phone : +33 1 86 46 73 61
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Project context and summary :

Vibrio cholerae has a multipartite genome. This project aims to analyze the codon usage bias of each replicon to see if there is a difference.

Related team publications :
Val, M.E., Marbouty, M., de Lemos Martins, F., Kennedy, S.P., Kemble, H., Bland, M.J., Possoz, C., Koszul, R., Skovgaard, O., and Mazel, D. (2016). A checkpoint control orchestrates the replication of the two chromosomes of Vibrio cholerae. Science advances 2, e1501914.
Fournes, F., Niault, T., Czarnecki, J., Tissier-Visconti, A., Mazel, D., and Val, M.E. (2021). The coordinated replication of Vibrio cholerae's two chromosomes required the acquisition of a unique domain by the RctB initiator. Nucleic acids research.
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Project Type : Medium
Status : In Progress

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