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#19082 : fliC locus of Y. pestis
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Name of Applicant : Mara CARLONI
Date of application : 14-03-2022
Unit : Yersinia
Location : Duclaux RDCH
Phone : +33782205156
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The fliC locus codes for the FliC protein, the flagellin molecule that constitutes the flagellar filament of motile bacteria, like Y. pseudotuberculosis. Until now, it was commonly accepted that transcription of this locus was completely repressed in the non-motile Yersinia pestis (a recent clone of Y. pseudotuberculosis, which still harbors flagellar genes), but by transcriptomics analysis we observed that it was actually active. Even more, we showed that deletion of the fliC locus in Y. pestis was associated to an attenuation of virulence in the mouse model of bubonic plague. However, for the time being we have no proof that FliC protein is indeed synthesized. Recently, a more detailed analysis of the transcriptomics data showed that a great part of the transcripts detected was actually coming from transcription of the fliC locus in the ‘anti-sense’. Therefore, we would like to explore the hypothesis that the actual molecule playing a role in the phenotype observed is an anti-sense ARN with regulatory functions, instead of the genic product of the fliC ORF, i.e. the protein FliC.

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Status : In Progress

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