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#19214 : The mode of replication of repABC replicons (Alphaproteobacteria)
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Name of Applicant : Jakub Czarnecki
Date of application : 18-05-2022
Unit : Bacterial Genome Plasticity
Location : Ducleaux - 2 - 27A
Phone : 0769616930
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Project context and summary :

RepABC replicons consist one of the most important groups of extrachromosomal replicons in Alphaproteobacteria, which includes numerous plasmids (e.g. pTi of Agrobacterium), megaplasmids (e.g. pSymA of Sinorhizobium) and chromids (e.g. chromosome 2 of Brucella). Recently, we have experimentally demonstrated that within this family some replicons replicate unidirectionally and others bidirectionally. This project aims to identification of phylogenetical patterns of distribution of these two replication modes among RepABC replicons. We would like to follow the evolution of the replication mode in this group of replicons and to indicate mechanims which could be responsible for switch between uni- and bidirectional replication.

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