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#2405 : Study of lncRNAs in Cryptococcus neoformans
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Name of Applicant : Guilhem Janbon
Date of application : 24-09-2015
Unit : RNA Biology of Fungal Pathogens
Location : Fernbach 4th floor
Phone : 8356
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Project context and summary :

The recent analysis of the Cryptococcus neoformans transcriptomes revealed the presence of thousands of lncRNAs. In these yeasts, different types of lncRNAs seem to exist. The ones that are antisense of coding genes (the NATs), the ones that are located between coding genes (the lincRNAs) and some others that seem to result from alternative transcription start site selection. We  identified growth conditions under which the expression of some of them is regulated. We have also identified some genes implicated in the regulation of some of these lncRNAs. This project deals with the characterisation of these lncRNAs, the analysis of their regulation and the study of their function in the biology and virulence of this pathogenic yeast.

Related team publications :
Janbon et al, 2014 PLos Genetics
Goebels et al, 2013 PLoS Genetics
WOLLSCHLAEGER et al. 2014 fungal Gen Genet
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Project Type : Long
Status : Closed

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