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#244 : Mapping the cell surface signature of the developing mouse heart
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Name of Applicant : Mariana Valente
Date of application : 28-04-2015
Unit : Lymphopoiesis
Location : Metchnikoff Building / 5th floor / 5006 room
Phone : 8543
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Project context and summary :

Cell surface protein signatures have been successful to discriminate hematopoietic progenitor populations allowing major advances in understanding blood cell production, to define pathways in hematologic malignancies and to foster new therapeutic approaches. Limited knowledge on the phenotype of cells that participate in heart formation impairs our understanding of progenitors of the cardiac cell lineages and their eventual persistence in the adult organ. As a consequence, therapies to restore heart function after injury have been unsuccessful. A number of membrane proteins have been identified on cardiomyocytes; on cardiac fibroblasts; and on endothelial cells, however a multi-parametric analysis of the phenotype of the different cardiac cell compartments along development is still missing. We combined multi-parametric flow cytometry with transcriptional characterization, based on well-known gene expression patterns, to describe major cardiac cell-subsets. The expression of CD24, CD54, Sca-1 and CD90 allowed defining cardiac populations in the non-hematopoietic and non-endothelial cell fraction by flow cytometry. Transcriptional profiling of the sorted populations enabled the identification of cardiomyocytes, in the CD24+ population, while differential expression of CD54, Sca-1 and CD90 defined four cardiac stromal compartments. The identified subsets exhibited specific distributions in three analyzed regions (atria, auriculo-ventricular junction and ventricles). We have thus identified a panel of surface markers, some of which novel in the cardiac context, that allowed assigning surface signatures to different cellular fractions by their unique transcriptional profiles. This work is the foundation for comprehensive studies on the role of different cell fractions by their unique transcriptional profiles.

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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed

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