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#2922 : Comparative genomic and phylogenetic analysis of 14 Clostridium tetani strains
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Name of Applicant : Diana Chapeton Montes
Date of application : 11-12-2015
Unit : Anaerobe Bacteria and Toxins
Location : Calmette-1er étage-pièce 11
Phone : 9587
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Project context and summary :

The genome of C. tetani contains a chromosome of approximately 2,8Mb and a large size plasmid (74 kbp) harboring the tetanus-toxin gene. The genome of the strain E88 was sequenced and annotated (PNAS 2003, 100:1316-1321). We have sequenced and performed a first comparison of the genomes of three additional strains (Res Microbiol 2015, 166:326-331). Fourteen additional C. tetani strains were sequenced including historical strains (1952-1968) and recent French clinical isolates. We have the raw data obtained by Illumina sequencing. Sequence comparaison of chromosome and plasmid will be done. For this, in a first time the assembly of sequence read of each strain will be done, in a second time a comparaison of chromosome and the plasmid of these 14 strains by BLAST approach will be made. Finally, a phylogenetic tree will be generated allowing us to see the evolution of this bacteria.

Related team publications :
Genomics of Clostridium tetani. Res Microbiol 2015, 166:326-331
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Project Type : Short
Status : Closed

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