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#3035 : Immunovax
Topics :
Organisms :
Group :
Name of Applicant : Giovanna Barba Spaeth
Date of application : 05-01-2016
Unit : Structural Virology
Location : Jacob 3rd 11A
Phone : 8295
@ Mail :

Project context and summary :

Analysis of the immune response to yellow fever 17D vaccination

Related team publications :
6. Barba-Spaeth G, Longman RS, Alberts ML and CM Rice. «Live attenuated yellow fever 17D infects human DCs and allows for presentation of endogenous and recombinant T cell epitopes ». 2005. J.Exp.Med. 202:1179-1184 . PMID: 16260489.
7. Barba-Spaeth G, Tao D, Rai U, Nussenzweig V, Rice CM and R. Nussenzweig. «Yellow fever 17D as a vaccine vector for microbial CTL epitopes: Protection in a rodent malaria model ». 2005. J.Exp.Med. 201:201-209. PMID: 15657290.
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Project Type : Short
Status : Declined

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